Combining Blogging and Social Media into a Truly Effective Strategy

Blogging and social media are often considered as two of the best tools in any online marketer’s toolbox, which is why it is often suggested that we use both in a marketing campaign. However, while it is easy to do that, not a lot of people know how to use these two to effectively complement each other. So how do we combine them into a cohesive and effective strategy?



Treat Each As A Unique Tool

One of the most common mistakes made by a lot of online marketers is prioritizing one over the other. Hence, the other is left to be used as just a promotional tool. For instance, social media is often relegated to promoting new blog posts. On the other hand, blogs might end up being reduced to a stepping stone to draw traffic to social media profiles.

Here, keep in mind that both blogging and social media are independent tools in their own right. Thus, it is a good idea to create a unique strategy for each, taking advantage of the features present in each one. Blogging, for instance, is much more suited for publishing content with detailed information. On the other hand, social media is ideal for posting quick updates and information. Note that it would be best to create a different content set for each instead of reusing stuff you have already posted on one. This way, the audience will have varied content to read from each, further drawing interest to both.

Combine Blogging And Social Media

This is where the tricky bit comes in. How does one combine blogging and social media into one seamless strategy that improves and builds upon on both? Here, blogger Viktoriya Semyrodenko gives a few simple guidelines.

She points out that it is best to begin by knowing what to share on these channels. As was said earlier, it is best to create unique content for each to give the audience more to read. Of course, don’t just throw in random content. See what kinds of topics are popular on both your blog and social media profiles and build upon those. Semyrodenko also stressed that knowing where to post which content and when is important to cover a larger ground for your audience.

When it comes to sharing content from one outlet to another, think of a way to make audiences naturally move from either direction. For instance, when posting links to blog posts on your social media profiles, don’t just copy and paste. Instead, come up with a great introduction to entice them to actually click and read. On the other hand, when promoting your social media profiles in your blog posts, don’t just stick with the usual “Follow us on X social media site”. Use a compelling reason as to why it would be great to follow and connect with you.

Going Beyond

However, while both blogging and social media are effective on their own and as a combined method, be sure to remember the other tools at your disposal. As pointed out by marketing blog SoMedia Network when talking about adding video marketing to the mix:

Businesses should no longer wonder about their effectiveness, but rather begin implementing both of them into their marketing strategies.

Look into the other methods like video marketing and email marketing and see which of these would improve your strategy further. Also, don’t forget about traditional marketing methods, such as print ads, as they may still be viable tools for you.

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