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Your Email Marketing Program can do one of 3 things: 1) it can help increase your business, 2) it can turn your prospective customers off, or 3) it will wind up in the trash


At best, any email newsletter will only be opened by 25% of your list. And your conversion rate will only be as high as 4%. This is according to a report by that compares response rates between B2B and B2C companies. The low response is explained in the report as follows…

Email newsletters generally contain far more links to information and offers than non-newsletter emails. Because of this, clickthrough and conversion rates become important as indicators of email newsletter performance.

To keep your email marketing in tip-top shape, here are five recommendations for improvement.

Be sure to ask for permission. Though single opt-ins are possible, it is better to ask for the double opt-in. This lets you have a digital trail on how the recipient got on to your list.

Segment, segment, segment. Failing to segment prevents you from effectively organizing your email list. This can also hinder you from personalizing the email message beyond the first and last name.

Prevent poor deliverability. It is critical that your emails get to the Inbox. Poor deliverability obviously means less open rates.

Fix images that do not resolve and formatting that isn’t right. Don’t lose visual appeal in your emails. It can speak very lowly of your brand.

Be sensitive to your mobile audience. Is your email posting responsive to mobile devices? With the rise in mobile usage, more and more people are checking their email through their devices. Provide them with mobile-friendly views, and it will go a long way to making a good impression.


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