7 Steps for Getting on Board With Social Media

Social Media Today emphasizes that 93 percent of marketers use social media for business. Does yours? Ninety-three percent of marketers use the Web to connect with potential and loyal customers for a reason, and social media is here to stay. If you’re new to social media marketing, it’s never too late to become a guru.



Use the following 7-step guide as a business’s introductory class to social media marketing 101.

1. Social media is all about interaction.

When you build your passionate social media marketing team, make sure your team is communicative and responsive. Interaction needs to foster dialogue and conversation, whether you’re responding to a customer’s concerns, sharing a newsworthy industry trend or something fun and interesting.

2. Keep an eye on the online social presence of your competition or the biggest firms in your industry.

Mimic what is successful, such as an online sweepstakes or giveaway, and steer clear of what you see as ineffective.

3. Follow the latest trends in social media.

Major players always roll out new features that can boost business exposure and advertising. Instagram and Vine are apps or tools that connect with mobile users, build customer relationships and promote brands. Also, Pinterest is an image-driven pinboard site for fashionistas and DIY enthusiasts that’s evolved into a social business community for entrepreneurs and startups.

4. Map directions for your social media marketing.

Schedule posts ahead of time, create a voice that reflects your brand and engage followers with blog posts, contests or company images.

5. Make it fun!

Your customers are attracted to ad-free spaces that are interesting, newsy, entertaining, or witty. While interacting with your brand, customers build a true connection with your products and services. Deliver messages using exciting and thought-provoking content or calls to action.

6. Depending on your manpower, a dedicated team may not be possible.

Don’t ditch social media just yet. Reserve a small amount of time to update your Facebook page with a post, participate in a conversation or re-tweet a relevant link. According to statistics published by SocialMediaToday.com, 23 percent of Facebook users check their accounts five or more times a day, and 80 percent of users prefer to connect to brands on Facebook. Reach out to those users with a strong presence — try to update regularly, and if time is minimal, focus on the quality of your posts.

7. Don’t replace traditional marketing tactics with social media marketing entirely.

The USPS reports that 65 percent of adult millennials prefer to read a piece of material when it is presented on paper as opposed to online. Meet this preference by sending direct mail for connecting and delivering your message. Engage customers through personalized postcards, customized letters and product catalogs by using Pitney Bowes equipment, creativity and data about your customers.

Step out of the shadows of isolation and join the marketplace on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and others. Don’t overwhelm your efforts and start small. Your business needs to be where the consumers are, and consumers are online.

Guest Author: Janice Fuller left a career in marketing to start her own social media consulting business while raising her two boys.

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  • By Marilee Sundius 07 Nov 2013

    What is the level of concern for people copying or reproducing images posted on all these social media outlets? Way back when Facebook had in their million word disclaimers that they “owned” everything that was posted on your page? So the feeling was “do not post creative work on it”. I have always been cautious, but now everyone does it… so is there less of a risk? I will say it can all be overwhelming as to which forum is the best to reach your audience. Keeping things up to date is VERY important! I get annoyed at out of date websites and or facebook pages. However, I can say it is easy to fall behind too!