Five Things To Know About Freelancers and Creating Freelance Teams

It appears that both individuals and businesses are leaning more toward freelancers and freelance teams to best meet their needs. However, before jumping in, you might want to consider these important points before taking the plunge to use freelancing as an alternative workforce solution.



Much discussion has been made regarding the pros and cons of either becoming freelancer or hiring one or more. In this post we have summed up the five basic points while acknowledging both sides of the issue. After looking at these points, it will be much easier for you to imagine the benefits of freelance and of creating teams of freelancers.

  1. “In the pursuit of less stress and greater well-being, freelance work can be the way to have your professional cake and eat it in smaller bites, too.” This statement was the closing statement of an article published in The Huffington Post. Some excellent points were made in regard to working as a freelancer at various ages, since it gives the person room some to breathe. The lifestyle can be more flexible since it evolves, allowing the person to pursue other passions and be available to participate in activities other than work. The back side of this is that it requires self-discipline to maintain the proper balance of time spent on work versus play.
  2. Many companies are turning to freelance hiring as an affordable option to hiring full-time employees. In our current economy many businesses must tighten their budgets, which often includes reducing their work staff. It is much more efficient for some employers to hire help when they need it through freelancers. As an added bonus, it can be difficult to fire an employee, but if a freelancer doesn’t work out, you don’t have to contract them for another project.
  3. Freelancers do not have the financial security of a permanent job, however few jobs today can be considered permanent. This point deserves some contemplation. Freelancing is growing in popularity with the number of opportunities steadily increasing. The creation of an entire team of freelancers that are available to fulfill the needs of a business is even more appealing to those looking for help as well as those attempting to offer whatever their clients need.
  4. There are literally global options available through freelancing that are advantageous to both sides. Workers are not restricted by employment opportunities available locally or by the economic conditions of the area where they reside. Employers are not limited to the local available pool of workers, and can tap into available workers that may be more skilled and experienced. How much more convenient would it be to access an entire team of freelancers to fulfill any needs?
  5. A recent article posted by Bloomberg News stated, “The recession that ended in June 2009 helped boost freelancing as a way for the newly unemployed to support themselves, and the practice has gained traction since. Internet exchanges allow companies to reduce labor costs by enlisting freelancers, who give up a reliable salary for discretion over how and when they work.” One freelancer that was interviewed for the article stated, “I’m working from home, setting my own schedule and making decent money.” He followed that statement by saying that he doesn’t plan on moving to California’s Silicon Valley even if he could land higher-paying work there.

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  • By Mohamed Ismail Elbeltagy 16 Nov 2013

    For me. I have won only 1 contest on and I don’t think that I could quit my regular job and regular salary before having a regular big income and some regular clients. I think any freelancer or employer is suffering from the risk of regular income. You could won a big client and a big deal in a month and have no thing to do in another 3 months. This what I have noticed with the 2 employers that I’ve worked for them.