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New technologies are created to make our lives easier, right? Well, it seems that oftentimes the effect is just the opposite. Here are 5 cold, hard facts about what social media marketing should teach you:


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Today’s advanced digital landscape has led to a social media phenomenon that might make things a bit more complicated for businesses. In this digital age, businesses must now change the way they do things by embracing new technologies and reaching consumers in new ways. And that might make their jobs a little bit harder.

On the other hand, although they must change how they get their message across to the consumer, if businesses were doing their job right in the first place, making their mark in the social media landscape could actually be quite easy.

The hard truths about social media marketing are that this active online marketing style should teach you how to actually do business the correct way. In fact, it should show you how you probably should have been doing business all along.

Here then are the 5 cold, hard facts about what social media marketing should teach you:

1. Every customer counts

The Pew Research Center shares data that show one of the primary reasons men and women use Facebook, for example, is to share information with many people at once. It is easy to see how that sharing power can make or break your reputation. It’s happened before. One person’s complaint explodes like wildfire across a businesses’ Facebook page or pops up in the Twitter feeds of their family and friends. Moreover, numerous blogs and YouTube accounts are dedicated almost solely to reviews of products and services.

That means you’ve got to pay attention to how you’re impacting each customer, because it is even easier these days for that one person to spread his opinion for better or for worse.

2. You must be unique

How can you differentiate your business in the eyes of your consumer? What does your business offer that no one else does?

Utilizing social media well is about continuing to effectively build your brand. You must consistently show what products and services you offer and why a potential consumer should invest in you. Your competition’s pins are probably flashing across a user’s Pinterest page at the same time as yours. So how can your content stand out from the rest?

3. You must be thoughtful

Providing thoughtful content is often at the heart of a successful social media page. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing is being used by some of the greatest marketing organizations in the world, including P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and John Deere.”

Content marketing is simply, providing valuable content to a consumer in such a way that will eventually move the person to invest in your product.

4. You must be proactive

Is your website experiencing problems? Is one of your products prone to malfunctioning? Being proactive often comes in handy especially when something negative has occurred that you will need to address. Customers will appreciate that you told them first on social media and that you’ve made it clear you are working toward a solution.

Also, because you are vying for eyeballs on multiple social networking platforms, you must provide appropriate information as well as products and services consumers can take advantage of through social media before they even know they have need of them.

5. You must be accurate

All types of people use social media websites: doctors, mothers, teachers, specialists of all kinds. So if a piece of information is wrong, oftentimes there is someone who will spot that needle in a haystack and bring it your attention, which in effect brings it to the attention of everyone who visits your page. You don’t want to lose credibility in the eyes of your followers by forgetting to proof-read or check your facts before you hit “post” or “share.”

Do your homework. Make sure that what you’re posting is correct and truthful. If it isn’t, you can always correct it, of course. But that doesn’t always mean your new post will reach as many people as the untruth did the first time it spread.

Effective social media marketing is an art. But it’s not one that should be lost on you. To the business-savvy, these 5 hard truths should be a no-brainer. Most often, the hardest part is between the conception of the truth and the carrying it out.

We’re always here to help. If you’re unsure how to translate thought into action, contact us.

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