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Personal development is often thought of as a serious matter, especially when it comes to career advancement. But, maintaining a serious attitude isn’t appropriate in all situations. If you truly want shoot the moon, pairing your career (and life) with a knack for being funny will definitely get you the extra (s)miles you want for personal growth.


Humor will enhance your personal development

Why should you want to be funny?

What’s the biggest advantage of having a good sense of humor? It helps both your emotional and physical well being for starters. While it has been taught for years that having a nice laugh is a good stress reliever, it is only now that research shows that is indeed the case. Laughter helps the body relax by releasing endorphins, your body’s natural pain reliever. It also helps increase brain activity, which is great in those situations where you need to think a lot. Lastly, laughter boosts your body’s immune system and helps in fighting illness.

And this is not all! A good sense of humor also does wonders for the personal development of your interpersonal relationships. Being able to laugh off the stress of work easily makes you approachable to co-workers. Also, your relaxed attitude will eventually rub off on them and will help them feel more comfortable working with you. And as already mentioned, the increased brain activity you get will be indispensable when managing and working with other people.

How do you develop your sense of humor?

Now that you know the benefits of a good sense of humor for personal development, the next step is to know how to develop yours. Note that there is really no clear cut way of learning to be funny. It is really something that you have to grow into along the way. But there are a few handy tips to help you get a feel for it.

One thing in particular that you need is inspiration. Each of us has our own share of funny moments. Just recalling yours is often enough to put a grin on your face. Going on comedy sprees by watching comedy films and standup acts on Netflix, Comedy Central or visiting comedy clubs also help in maintaining your smile.

A good exercise to apply your new found knack for comedy is finding the lighter side of things that happen around you. For instance, if something annoying occurs in the workplace, think about why you feel that it is annoying. Chances are, you’ll find the annoyance overblown and you will start to see the funnier side.

A little advice (to help you advance your personal development)

Each situation and each person is different. As such, how well your jokes are received will also differ. Take a short pause and think what would be the best punchline for a given situation. Also keep in mind that certain topics, such as family issues, religion and politics may be off limits.

Finally, remember that everyone tells a bad joke now and then. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s all part of the training. It’s only after you’ve made a few mistakes that you’ll likely find your groove. Soon you’ll know the best time and place to insert humor into any situation, and you’ll find that humor has become a significant contributor to your personal development bringing you the success you’ve been looking for.

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