How To Spark Conversation About Your Business

Every business owner knows that marketing with various media such as business cards, brochures, print advertisements, websites, etc. is an important component of an overall marketing plan. Many don’t realize the importance of personal business outreach, conversational marketing or networking, to spark conversation about their business.



When done properly, casual conversation can be an easy, non-threatening way to market your business. But before we get into some ways to spark conversation about your business, it’s important to understand that conversation marketing, sometimes called “networking,” is a long-term marketing strategy, not a short-term tactic. And it should definitely not be confused with selling.

Marketing is about building brand recognition, not selling. The selling process only comes into play when someone has indicated an interest in buying a product or service from you. It’s important to separate the two.

So how do you engage in conversation marketing without coming across like you’re trying to sell something? Here are three phrases that you can use to either start a conversation about your business, or steer an already ongoing conversation toward the subject of your business:

  • “Guess what…”

    You can use this phrase when you have some sort of event coming up. If you’re a realtor, it might be an open house or a home buying seminar you’re sponsoring. If you’re a retailer, maybe it’s a new product or an upcoming sale. Whatever your business is, there are probably events that you’d like people to know about. The important thing is to just share the information without asking for a commitment on the part of your listener.

  • “By the way…”

    This is a great way to steer a conversation toward your business. Our retailer, in the midst of a conversation about the cost of living, might say; “By the way, we’re having a sale on tablet computers next month…”

  • “What do you do…?”

    This is a great conversation starter with someone you’ve just met. Nothing is more engaging than to ask someone about their business. People love to talk about themselves. When you ask someone what they do, they’ll usually ask what you do in return. But even if they don’t, they’ll come away with a  positive impression of you, which can be extremely valuable down the road.

Of course, as with these and other conversation starters, you may come up with on your own. However, it’s critical that you use them in a way that flows naturally within the overall context of the conversation. Otherwise, you’ll come across as “salesy” and self-interested. It that happens, people will begin to avoid you like the plague.

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  • By David Coyne 22 Oct 2013

    You make some good points here. One other thing I could add is to spend time to investigating if your networking events actually have decision makers attending rather than only fellow vendors. I find this especially important if you’re in the B2B sector.