Four Essential Tips For Growing Your Business With Pinterest

When incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, many companies neglect the power of Pinterest, the visual social media platform that can help you direct traffic to your website and establish a following among potential customers.



How might you go about growing your business using Pinterest?


1) Organize your pins onto boards that have catchy titles.

Let’s say your product is high-quality evening wear. You could have one Pinterest board devoted to images of the ball gowns you sell, another for cocktail dresses, and another for tuxedos (whatever broad or narrow categories you choose), making it easier for interested browsers to find what they’re looking for. But instead of simply labeling a board as ‘tuxedos,’ think more along the lines of ‘trendy tuxedos’ or ‘flirty red dresses’ to get more people to investigate.

2) Attract the notice of the movers and shakers in your area.

On Pinterest, you’ll find users who are deeply interested in your general area of business, whether it’s clothes, architecture, gourmet desserts, book publishing, or health products. Some of them have hundreds or even thousands of followers on the site. If you pin regularly enough, they’ll probably find you, but you can also search them out and subtly catch their notice by re-pinning, liking, or commenting on some of their pins. Chances are they’ll then do the same to you, and you’ll attract the attention of their sizable audience.

3) Be careful not to oversell.

You can use the site to display your own products and link back to your webpage, along with announcing important sales or new developments in your business. However, you should also be doing more than that. You’ll want to share motivational quotes and useful or entertaining articles, blog posts, and infographics related to your business area.

4) Spotlight inspiring people or funny cartoons.

You can have boards devoted to these different kinds of pins (such as a do-it-yourself tips board). In any case, instead of simply inundating your followers with pins related to your products, mix it up more so that they don’t feel that you’re always selling to them.

Using Pinterest effectively can be an important part of your social media marketing strategy for growing your business. To fully take advantage of Pinterest, you’ll need to not only attract followers, but also entice them from your Pinterest boards to your company website. To do that, make sure your site retains their attention and facilitates purchases.

Or, simply contact us. We’ll help you decide the right ways to use social media, including Pinterest, for your particular business and/or help you develop a responsive* website that engages potential customers.

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