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Having an online presence was once considered a luxury reserved for large companies with seemingly unlimited budgets.  Now, we know the internet has leveled the playing field, allowing even the smallest companies to get customers by being found on the web.


How to get your company found on the web

The problem is that many companies don’t realize that it is difficult to benefit from being online if your customers cannot find you. Let’s discuss how to get your company found on the web.

1. Make sure you have a company website. 

It may seem obvious at this point, but you’d be surprised how many companies still don’t have an Internet presence. Bottom line: you simply must have a website that lists your company name, address and phone number at the very minimum. You’ll want to also include the products and services you provide, your contact information, and a blog. In addition, be sure to include a home page with at least a 250 word description of your company that includes the key words and phrases that people will normally use to search for a company such as yours.  

2. List your company on local directories and review sites.  

You can list your company on sites such as Google My Business, Bing Places For Business, and Yelp, for example.  You can search for various directories and lists to claim your business, or you can use this link to access a list of 50 business directories

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3. Start using your business profile on social media.  

Using social media from your business profile is another way to increase visibility online.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are major sites that attract tons of visitors.  In 2015, according to Statista, 73 percent of US Americans had a social network profile.  Your business can literally get discovered on these sites.

4. If all this is too complicated for you. . .

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While getting your company found on the web can take some time, the benefits are ample.  Keep the process simple and start in the three areas mentioned. Remember, starting is the hard part, but you can do it!  

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