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Now that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, among other social media outlets have transformed the marketing world, business marketing today is nothing like it used to be. It’s time for you to either focus or forget it.


4 Social Media Ideals That All Marketers Should Master

If your company wants to have any chance at reaching and connecting with large clients, you’d have to make sure that your social media goals and marketing game are supercharged. Because at the end of the day, optimally utilizing the right social media techniques for your industry might be the difference between your business just getting by, or being left behind by your competition.

The first step to social media success in your business is ensuring that your marketers know what they’re doing. Here are 4 social media goals that can supercharge your business:

1. Maintain consistent branding across all accounts

The first rule with social media that any and every marketer should master is maintaining a sense of continuity across all social media accounts for your company. That means things like having the same logo and brand colors represented and using the same tone of voice (i.e.: serious or funny? succinct or verbose?) throughout. The main reason for this is so that current and potential customers can visit any one of your social media accounts and receive a similar impression of your company – one that’s reliable, informative, and hopefully impressive.

2. Have regularly scheduled programming

Another social media ideal that ranks high in importance is the frequency and consistency of your posts, because a steady flow of content helps to:

  • Attract followers to you, and
  • Keep existing followers engaged with your brand.

While you don’t have to post something new every hour on the hour, a skilled marketer should know how to draw out a social media posting plan that ensures that your social media accounts never stagnate for more than a day or two.

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3. Use it as a direct line to your customers 

One of the most valuable aspects of social media marketing for a business is that it is possibly the most convenient and practical way to communicate with your current and potential customers in real-time. Some companies even leverage this to supplement their customer service model, using their social media pages to give customers a trusted public forum to communicate their thoughts and feedback.

While not every social media page needs to address customer service issues, a great marketer will still strive to master the art of using social media to reach out directly with customers in different ways, which strengthens relationships and ideally turns new customers into loyal fans.

4. Give your customers something to talk about 

By far one of the most enjoyable aspects of social media and social media ideals that ambitious companies can really take advantage of, is the fact that all it takes is one memorable social media campaign to single-handedly create a massive buzz for your business.

Whether it is a heart-warming story, a funny video, a creative image, or a combination of those, social media gives people something to talk about. With the right creative marketing, that something can be you

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