The Importance of Unique Content On Your Website

Unique content is the reason why some websites are successful, and why others aren’t. There’s a difference between average content and great content. It’s about capturing the readers’ attention through interesting, compelling and thought-provoking information that stands above others.




Here’s where the importance of unique content works like a charm:


Search engine optimization adores unique content. One-of-a-kind content helps websites move up the ranks of search engines. It increases search engine rank; that increases visitors because more eyes are on you. All you need to do is add keywords and key phrases into your headlines and body copy (watch out that you don’t overdo it!) and perform SEO strategies on content.


More visitors on the site increase the odds of cashing in on sales. Use content to address contact information so readers can receive information and learn more about you.


Readers are dedicated to your work as long as you can deliver good content consistently. Do that and the readers will keep coming. People love to learn, use and share information with others. Their influence will push your content to social media and their blogs through links. Their influence will bring more people to your blog and push your website to the top.

Niche markets:

Niche markets aim at certain customers in chosen demographics and lure them to products and services you sell. Use your blog the same way by attracting certain groups to the website. Let them know that you are the premier place for this information.


Content lives longer online. What is written is seen on your blog, website, social media and search engines. It remains there even if you decide to remove it. What’s written can either hurt or help the company name and brand.


If you can’t write good content on your own, get someone to do this for you. Hiring a professional writer or outsourcing that part of your business to a company with experienced writers is a great solution. Another idea is to create a new spin on old topics. Giving the same content a spin no one else has thought of will separate your content from the pack.

Having unique content shows visitors that you’re an expert in your field. When it comes to your niche, visitors will rely on your expertise instead of other sites. That kind of dedicated loyalty can’t be beat.

While you cannot read readers’ minds, you can give them something they will enjoy. Write something that they can learn, use and appreciate. Write good information with the customer in mind and never settle for average or copied content. Strive for the best. And, contact The Sherwood Group for more information on engaging content.

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  • By Krista Ponder 26 Mar 2015

    I appreciated exactly what your articles said my customers would appreciate, relevant information that I was interested in, that I could pick up the information quickly was positive, and it is obvious your company is the real deal! Thanks for the info that gave me a lot of thinking to do… Gee guys homework really? We haven’t even met…

    My website is up and functional, but my web guy moved, I just underwent a crazy back surgery, and I am desperately trying to get my products up and listed… It would be nice if your site offered a little tidbit…about pricing? Just a comment. I know that I am interested, but automatically think I cannot afford you.

    Good luck,
    Krista Ponder
    Ponder This Fashion, LLC.

    • By Will Sherwood 26 Mar 2015

      Hello Krista…

      Probably the best suggestion I could offer you about pricing, would be to check out your competitors and their pricing. Once you have a good feeling as to their range of pricing and the various benefits and differences, you will likely be more able to position your own pricing and the benefits your products offer with respect to the market.

      This is probably one of the most difficult things to do and I wish you the best, but trust you own intuition on these issues. Your own inner guidance may very well prove to be the best.

      Light ahead,