Stunning 3D Chalk Art by Nikolaj Arndt

Born in a small town in Russia, Nikolaj Arndt has participated in street art festivals in different cities and countries around the world, applying his stunning technique of 3D chalk art.



Take a look at how Nikolaj transforms otherwise bland streets and floors to truly magical works of 3D chalk art that when viewed from the correct prospective come to life.

























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  • By Vicky Hoh 24 Nov 2013

    Truly the work of a genius! Simply astounding work of art.

  • By teresa hewesufa 24 Nov 2013

    Dear reading mind of NIKOLAJ ARNDT

    My eyes passed the message on to my brain screen
    and opened and looked and a big smile appeared
    all over my face…stunning…joyful…colourmad…
    creativissimo indeed

    Thanx with encouraging november smiles for
    neverending suxess from

  • By fb 24 Nov 2013

    Incredible works of art! Absolutely incredible.

  • By Ariel 25 Nov 2013

    This amazing work has definitely brightened up my Monday. Thanks for sharing, Will!

  • By Olaf Pijl 25 Nov 2013

    At VisitBritain we once used a massive 3D-painting like this in the middle of a mall in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It was awesome: thousands of people taking and sharing branded images with a beach and castle for VisitWales. Great exposure in local and national media, too! Here’s some images:

  • By Janet LoFurno 26 Nov 2013

    Truly amazing work – hard to believe it’s chalk!

  • By Siddharth Bakshi 02 Dec 2013

    Outstanding work of art. Seen in ages. Simply divine masterpieces.

  • By Mac 10 Jul 2014

    Who is the model petting the wolf and walking the lion? She’s beautiful

  • By Street art 31 Aug 2014

    Just amazing !!

  • By Lynn C Maust 25 Oct 2019

    some are so scary! Love his work.