Social Media Marketing Brilliance: 3 Tips To Keep It Simple

We regularly see many companies who make the mistake of jumping into social media marketing without a definite business strategy or clear understanding of the best sites for promoting their business.



To have a successful social media marketing campaign you need to leverage social media with your own financial investment and a workable plan of action. Here are 3 tips that can help ensure your success.

Identify and Listen to Your Target Market

To be successful in social media marketing, you need to have the proper scope. There are many social media sites on the Internet; you shouldn’t waste your resources joining all of them. Just identify those sites where most of your customers are, and focus on these to the exclusion of the many other options.

Currently some of the best sites to focus your resources are:

  1. Facebook (Business pages)
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Google Plus
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest

Join the Conversation

You need to keep in constant contact with prospects and potential clients. When you read conversations by these folks, you are likely to hear many things that you could use to make your company offerings more appealing. Take the step and engage with them offering ideas, help, and possible resources.

For example, we recommend that you join some of the various discussion groups on LinkedIn where your prospects and potential clients hang out and share ideas. Join the conversation when you can, and answer questions or connect with people who may benefit from your ideas.


Be sure to always give prospects and potential clients ideas and information that they want. Give them something to think about. This means that you need to be regularly active on your social media pages. Post photos and write blogs at least weekly to ensure that your page is active and current. The more content that you post on your social media sites, the more prospects and clients you will be able to reach. This sort of regular activity will increase your visibility and consequently, your sales volume.

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  • By Justin Belmont 02 Oct 2013

    I definitely agree that you need to have a clear strategy when using social media. Without a strategy it is hard to focus and your posts can become unrelated and irrelevant to your followers. You should use these social media platforms to learn more about their customers by asking them what they are interested in. For example, on LinkedIn you can see groups that your connections are a part of and use that knowledge to create and share content that is relevant to them. As you said, fostering conversation on these sites is key to expanding your brand and connecting with both professionals and potential customers. is always in the business of helping businesses make the right kinds of connections.