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Business development is crucial for every firm, but even more so for small business. Unfortunately, business development can also be very expensive. So how can you get exposure without breaking the bank? Simple! Here are 5 cost-effective and easy ways to grow your business while you save money:


5 Simple Keys to Better Business Development

1. Network

This may sound like a no-brainer but it’s surprising how easy it is to put off this powerful business development tool in an effort to be billable. Bad idea. There is no better way to get your name and face out there than to attend association meetings and work the room. What groups do your potential clients belong to? That’s where you’ll meet them.

2. Speak

The professional associations you are attending are almost always looking for speakers to share their expertise with the group. This is a perfect opportunity to not only reach your target audience but be seen as the expert. Take it a step further and offer to speak at conferences. Most of the time you not only get free registration to the entire conference but reasonable travel expenses as well!

3. Write

Craft interesting LinkedIn posts. Blog. Guest blog. Comment on your target clients’ blogs. There are many avenues to share your vision. Make sure that your business development message is clear and that you edit ruthlessly.

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4. Engage in Social Media

Be careful here. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole if you approach social media without a solid business development plan. Start by following your target audience, paying attention to what they read and comment on and insert yourself into the conversation. Make use of a good social media management program.

5. Sponsor an Industry Event

This can give your business development strategy great exposure. Sponsoring can be pricey but, if you are judicious in selecting the event and the sponsorship level, the payoff is well worth the expenditure. Select an event that is usually well-attended by your target audience. Review the available opportunities and choose the level that provides the greatest exposure for the minimum amount of money. The best sponsorships include an introduction to you and your firm from the podium at a general session.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get in front of your target audience. Contact The Sherwood Group for more ideas to help your small business thrive.


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Do you need help growing your business? Click here to check out the social media marketing and website design packages from The Sherwood Group. We’ll help you capture new business and achieve your goals.

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