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According to an Accenture report, today’s consumers now rapidly shift from one service provider to the next — ultimately putting upward of $5.9 trillion in global revenue up for grabs. But these findings aren’t necessarily bad news for small businesses.


How to Create Loyalty With a Fresh Customer Service Strategy

Instead, many small businesses should embrace the trend as an opportunity to rethink their customer service strategy in order to retain loyal customers, while also attracting new ones. A winning strategy starts with focusing on seamless customer service that customers demand. Here’s how to get started.

Create Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

According to Accenture Interactive, there’s a significant disconnect between what consumers want and the experience retailers actually provide them. An omnichannel experience can help collect feedback and data on what customers truly want. Start by integrating transparent pricing across all online and offline channels. Next, offer customers flexible ordering options and a clear view of product availability.

Focusing on product, pricing and transparency is just the first step. There’s still a demand for personalized service that effortlessly integrates across social media, online chat, phone and in-person sales. Switching to cloud-centered support can provide the seamless service integration customers want. For example, Aspect Zipwire features scalable and flexible cloud contact resources to give customers consistent service and support. Use cloud-based tools to keep track of customer inquiries and provide the same information via phone, social media, video chat and beyond.

Offer a Highly Personalized Experience

Customers want more than just competitive price points and quality product selection. They also want highly personalized service, and recent polls and research back up the idea of personalization as a retention strategy. NGData polled experts in customer retention and found personalization was a common theme in how to improve service.

So what are some best options? Engage with customers through social media to answer questions and complaints as well as share company insights and stories. Meanwhile, businesses can analyze customers’ purchase history and shopping habits to offer personalized sales, product offers and service recommendations that customers love.

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Respond to Customers Quickly

Don’t wait for a customer to call your company to ask questions or lodge a complaint. Champions of customer service hang out where their customers are already engaging. A report by Altitude found that more than 80 percent of customers expect a company to respond within 24 hours after they post a complaint or question on social media. The survey also discovered 1 in 5 customers use social media to contact a company, while 3 in 5 use email.

Poll your current customers on which channels they want the most support and study up on various channel’s core demographics. For example, Altitude found that 29 percent of customers younger than 34 years old will contact suppliers via Facebook. Take advantage of Facebook’s messaging tools and live chat features to connect with customers in real time.

Be Completely Genuine

Using a wide range of social media channels, employing a rapid response rate, and building technologically advanced call centers does little without a genuine and attentive approach to customer service. Consider that a report by the Luxury Institute and Epsilon found luxury brands lose half of their top customers every year — but not because of their product. In reality, rude or inattentive salespeople are usually the culprit for lost customers.

Train your service reps to treat customers with respect and empathy in order to build a quality foundation of customer service. Next, take advantage of technology to create seamless, omnichannel support designed to keep your customers engaged and happy. Businesses that practice this approach will create a winning customer service strategy that retains current customers while attracting new ones shuffling through the switching economy.

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