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The Internet has grown rapidly and drastically. How can a newborn website compete today? This article includes tips and ideas on how to use the Internet’s ever-changing and growing technology to your advantage for building successful websites.


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 A Brief Internet Timeline

1969 – CompuServe corporation developed the first major commercial U.S. Internet service.

1990 – Prodigy, another come-and-gone Internet service provider, became the second largest online service.

1997 – According to “The Brief History of Social Media,” released by writers at University of North Carolina at Pembroke, the Web had expanded to include one million sites. Instant messaging and chat boards were in full swing.

2004 – Facebook began for Harvard College students.

2007 – Microsoft buys stake in Facebook as social networking continued to grow.

2009 – The Internet hosted 27 to 58 billion web pages, according to the University of North Carolina (

Resources and Speed

Creating successful websites is time consuming enough without doing it on a slow Internet connection. To avoid the excessive (and costly) delays, many webmasters use local servers for website building, then use FTP to upload the finished product to the live host site.

But times have changed. With the abundance of cloud services, inexpensive online real estate and high-speed Internet providers, there is really no need to set up and manage a local server.

Without dedication to development, financial strength to withstand the time factor and a product that reaps user interest, sites like Facebook could not exist. However, delivery speed is also a major requirement for success. If forced to operate at the 56K max dial-up speed available like CompuServe did in 1969, Facebook would be unusable and worthless.

Know-How Supported By Rapid Response Time

According to an article from Internet Providers on designing websites in a mobile world, essential site building processes include custom applications, responsive design techniques (that automatically resize for different devices like iPads and smartphones) and integration into to the world of social media. You mustn’t ignore the value of rapid response to the ever-changing requirements of Internet shoppers, surfers and researchers.

Building a website pretty much requires a correlation with social media. It might seem like extra work, but utilizing social media can help you connect with customers or viewers of your page. Linking you website to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will maximize your dialogue

Effective Website Construction

On the front end, a properly designed website integrates attractive and meaningful graphics with unique content and a meaningful user experience. But without the proper behind-the-scenes management, the front end is merely digital static to an already bloated Internet society. Website builders should place attention on five major components:

  1. Appearance
  2. Usefulness
  3. Customer motivation
  4. Speed
  5. Reliability
  6. Responsiveness

Real-Time Website Construction Works

Making your web business work requires heavy-duty Internet access. You need to upload photos, videos and web content. Effective management of the backend site control panel demands real-time interaction, but it only works if the delivery is sufficient to meet the user demands.

Cisco and other major players suggest a user range of 100 to 10,000 hosts per network. Imagine the burden on under-supplied ISP companies. Whether you live in a rural region or a well-populated metropolis, you need a quick, reliable and established Internet service provider. It keeps your visitors happy and cuts your development hours.


Guest Author: Michael Faulks

Michael is a tech supervisor for an equipment installation company. When he is not busy troubleshooting, he enjoys writing about digital trends and the tech world.

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