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Ignore every stigma you’ve ever heard about cold calling. People still love hearing from a real person! Here’s how you can turn your COLD calling into GOLD calling, and in the process create a lucrative source of new business for yourself and your company.



Why should you consider cold calling?

Some years back, I interviewed master graphic designer, Debbie Millman. I asked her how she started her business. Here’s what she said:

“To get clients, we cold called. I’m a master cold-caller as a result of that experience. We were fearless about asking people for business. And our company really got big within the first couple of years.

What about rejection?

“When I was cold calling, a lot of people weren’t interested, but I never took that as a personal rejection. I just got immune to the rejection. I began to realize it has nothing to do with me.

Basic tips to start your cold calling efforts:

  • Start with your target industry. Public annual reports, product descriptions and press releases are a great place to find prospects to add to your calling list. Also, is a great source of prospects.
  • Call outside normal hours. It’s not enough to call several times a day; that’s annoying. Instead, call early in the morning, during lunchtime or after work.
  • If the person that answered the phone isn’t the one you wanted, act like that person IS the one you’re trying to reach. Instead, modify your strategy for that person. If they try to direct you to the correct person, thank them.
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Add the phrase “Can you help me?” and many people will!

First off, try NOT to sound like a salesperson. You’ll have 10 seconds to catch their attention. Don’t waste it making it all about you. Say”, Hi (name), my name is (your name) from (company). I’m hoping you can help me. If I wanted to provide (your product or service) to your company, who would I need to impress to get that business?” Remember, if you sound salesy, you’re guaranteed to get a dial tone.

How do you get good clients?

More from Debbie Millman:

“Get a lot of clients. Because it’s impossible to know which of them will be good.

“Some of my best clients have come from jobs that I would have considered to be the worst. And some of my worst clients have been with jobs that I would have considered to be the best. So I think it’s very hard to determine who’s going to be a good client and who’s going to be a bad client. There’s going to be good clients and bad clients anyway, and there’s no way to project.”

Finally, shoot for the stars.

“Seriously. So many people start out by thinking about all the things that they can’t do and once you take that path, it’s very hard to get off of it. The only person that can make every dream that you want to come true is you. And if you start out with limited dreams, you’ll only achieve limited dreams. And that’s really sad when that happens.”

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