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Many people think cold calling is dead when it comes to generating new business, but when you update your new business sales strategy to include a “One-Two” punch that combines a phone call with an email, the effects can be dynamic! 

How to Use Your Phone and Email to Generate New Business

Here’s How We Built “The Sherwood Group” into a $Multi-Million Design Firm:

Over the years, our biggest and best clients have come from combining a phone call with a follow-up email. It’s the best way we’ve found to generate new business. It can be daunting at first, but after you’ve made about 1/2 dozen calls using the simple 4 steps outlined below, you’ll realize how easy and effective this can be:

1. Acquire a Contact List

If you want to start marketing your company to generate new business using this process, you are going to need a list of contacts, right? Encouraging people to fill out a contact form on your website is one way to gather information from leads that might be interested in what your business has to offer. But, if you know who your target market is (manufacturing companies, attorneys, or dentists for example), you can also get a list from one of the many mailing list companies. (It can be a bit more expensive, but try to get a list that includes the names of key decision makers, their titles, and email addresses.)

2. Make the First Call

Once you have your list, set aside the time to call the people from your list one by one. I recommend making the calls yourself rather than hiring a call center or using robo-dialing, since it’s much more personal and you’ll get really good with some practice. Be professional, polite, and friendly… and try not to be pushy. Here’s a script that I’ve effectively used when I don’t have the contact’s name and I’ve reached a receptionist:

Hi this is Will Sherwood with The Sherwood Group. Could you tell me who in your company would I need to impress if we were to help your company with advertising and marketing communications? (Response.) Could you put me through? But first, do you have their email address? (Response… You’d be surprised how often they will give you their email!)

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3. The Fortune Is In the Follow Up

You don’t want to stop with a phone call. Some people might not answer the phone or might rush to end the call because they are busy, but this does not mean that they aren’t interested. Others might forget about the call and might need a bit of a nudge to remind them about your conversation. Following up with an email reminds them about any major points that you talked about on the phone.

I’ve found that I rarely speak directly to the majority of the people that might be good prospects for us, so I leave this voice message (On those rare occasions when I do reach the contact, I say the same as below with some slight adjustment):

Hello (Name). This is Will Sherwood with The Sherwood Group. I understand you’re the person I need to impress if my company is ever to help you with advertising or marketing communications? . . . (Allow time for a response in case they aren’t the right person.)

(When I have their email address) I have your email address, so if you could please check it, I’ve just sent you a pdf of my company’s portfolio. Hopefully, you’ll like what you see enough to give us a try. Either way, would you let me know your thoughts about if or how our work might help you achieve your company’s marketing goals? My mobile number, I’ll say it twice, is 661-904-9977. That’s 661-904-9977.

(When I don’t have their email address) I’d like to email you a pdf of my company’s portfolio, and hopefully, you’ll like what you see enough to give us a try. Could you give me a call and let me know what you think about our chances of working with you and your company? My mobile number, I’ll say it twice, is 661-904-9977. That’s 661-904-9977.

4. Repeat

This one-two punch of a phone call with a follow-up email is a very effective strategy to generate new business, but for best results, try repeating the process approximately every six weeks. You don’t want to bombard potential customers with too many calls or emails (this borders on harassment), nor do you want to let them forget about you and your business. Repeating the process every month and a half is a good in-between that can help you get the new business you want.

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