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Getting people to genuinely notice, like, follow, and engage to your posts is one of the biggest challenges in social media marketing. Even in the popular platforms like Facebook, marketers never cease to find new ways to get the most number of likes. Here’s how you can do the same, and solve your problems with Facebook:


How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Facebook

Are you having problems with Facebook?

Do you want to go viral on Facebook? Some users use Facebook to gain popularity. No, it’s not the “I-wanna-be-famous” by Pussycat Dolls kind of thing, but this popularity means serious business. Being popular on Facebook also means profit. Businesses around the world posts advertisements on Facebook, and the competition starts with the business or product awareness of the potential customers. Hence, you need to step up your game and do the following:

Fish More Facebook Likes from Your Pool of Followers

Since some advertisers find it hard to get the people to “like” their advertisements, they buy Facebook post likes from sellers. Buying Facebook likes are discouraged by Google, but a lot of advertisers take chances to gain more likes. Some sites that sell Facebook post likes usually collect $40 for each 5,000 likes and $75 for 10,000 likes. Interesting right? Here are some tips on how to boost your number of likes:

  1. Plan your campaign post or advertisement (it is better to have a business plan ready so that you are aware of the potential problems that may arise during transactions).
  2. Set the budget and the constraints of the business or product. Stick with the budget and the constraints to avoid problems.
  3. Find a seller that will fit and accept your terms and conditions.
  4. Communicate with them and explain the details.
  5. Sit back, relax and let them do their job, but make sure to cooperate and ask questions too.
  6. Make the payment after the job or upon purchase; it depends on your agreement.
  7. Give feedback if possible after you buy Facebook posts likes. Be generous if they deserve it.
  8. Enjoy your new likes!

Remember, check if the seller provides “likes” from authentic accounts. This will prevent Google from banning your site since buying likes are discouraged in the first place.

Gaining popularity is a serious business. The more “likes” you get, the more popular you are. It only means that the awareness of the potential customers about your product or business is at its peak.

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Wheedle your Subscribers and Get More Video Views

Another method that you can utilize is using video advertisements. A recent survey shows that Facebook videos are as popular as YouTube videos nowadays. So, get on with the trend and buy Facebook video views! For some businesses, video advertisement is more effective and has a better impact on potential and existing customers. Buying Facebook video views may cost you a bundle, but it can rapidly increase customer’s awareness that may help you increase your profit. So, how do you buy Facebook video views?

Here are some tips that you can try:

  1. Be ready with your video and other details.
  2. Find a trusted seller online.
  3. Research about the seller’s professionalism and previous works.
  4. Communicate with the seller.
  5. Select the type of service that you want and inform the seller.
  6. Set the budget, the constraints, and the terms and conditions. Stick with the budget plan and the constraints to avoid problems.
  7. Let them do their job. Ask questions if you don’t understand something to avoid problems.
  8. Make the payment after the job or upon purchase depending on your agreement.

Give feedback if possible.

It will help them better their service in the future.

Remember that satisfaction is always the key to having the best advertisement. It will not only help you get ahead of the race, but will also get the attention of the customers. Because who wouldn’t watch a video with a lot of views, right? Not all people can read, and not all can comprehend. Making video advertisements can really gain you a lot of followers. Be creative with your videos and share.

Hoard as Many Facebook Reactions as you Can

Another trend on Facebook nowadays is the Facebook reactions. Since some posts are just too much to handle; too much cuteness, too much anger, too much sadness, likes are not enough. These Facebook reaction buttons, which started with 6 animated characters, took the internet by storm earlier this year. Having a lot of reactions on your status, picture, or video means people are engaging with what you posted.

Businessmen know that getting a million of Facebook followers on Facebook can give them an edge in the market. Having this big edge in the market can gain you your market position and broaden your target market. A bigger market means having a lot of opportunities to gain potential customers’ trust, which will immediately lead to customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction will lead to a successful business.

People nowadays spend a lot of time on their mobile devices while viewing a lot of videos and sending positive Facebook Reactions. This is one of the reasons why businessmen put a lot of effort to take their advertisements online. People like to take stuff online, sell online, make blogs, post pictures, share adventures, and even campaign and educate people. Facebook enables them to do this on just one social media site. They were able to gain customers’ trust and improve customer satisfaction, which is very vital in any business venture. This is what got Facebook its market position.

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