Three Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing

Many small business owners still don’t believe in email marketing. They focus on blogging or social media marketing, without trying to set up an e-mail list. However, it is really important to have a list of clients and potential ones.


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Part of your goal of blogging and social media marketing should be to set up an e-mail marketing list for the following reasons:

1. Email Marketing is Easy.

Sending out e-mails is simple and easy to do. It won’t take a lot of time to write e-mails for your customers and potential customers so you won’t have to hire any new employees to manage your e-mail marketing campaign.

2. Email Marketing is Effective.

Most people check their e-mail several times a day. Not only do they check it, they read important e-mails and follow-through with things that are important to them. Make sure that you keep your customers informed of any sales and specials and they will be sure to shop during those times.

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3. More Than Ever People Use their Email on Mobile Devices.

With the growing number of smart phones and tablets, people now have access to their e-mails no matter where they go. This means you can send business e-mails out when you are running errands and people will receive them when they are out and about.

Still not using e-mail marketing?

It is time to get started. It is not difficult to set up. You will probably even be able to use your smart phone to send out messages when you are on the go! Many people worry that they will have to hire more employees but with e-mail marketing, you shouldn’t need more help. It does not take much time to write a few e-mails to keep your clients informed about your company. It is also very effective. If you start offering some coupons, you will see it right away.

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  • By Dawid 18 Jul 2015

    The problem is that practically NOBODY knows how to easily MONETIZE that list. Today I did download this book about MONETIZE that list I do recommend it

  • By Sylviane Nuccio 21 Jul 2015

    True, email is easy and most people check their emails all day long, however to make sure they open YOUR email you need to make sure that you address the person by their name, and don’t sound like a robot.

    Email marketing just like any other marketing techniques requires relationship building.

  • By SNM Inc 22 Jul 2015

    Email marketing is not a dead horse. It offers a way to communicate with your clients personally.

  • By Priya 24 Jul 2015

    One thing I have gathered that prospects or potential customers actually prefer email marketing as email from the seller looks more authentic, personalized, & printed source of information at first hand. Small videos / web casts/ pod casts if included in email can add weight to the content. So email marketing is very important and should back calls and other social media promotions. If in customer inbox and not important immediately she can always do a simple inbox search and locate contacts/ other information later as well rather than searching on internet.