Rotten Reviews on Yelp? Here’s How to Fix Them.

Pleasing everyone seems to be an uphill battle most days, and when you get bad reviews on Yelp, those Negative Nancy’s can actually hurt your business! Here are four strategies that we at the Sherwood Group hope will help you turn things around for you.


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1. Respond

When you see bad reviews on Yelp, you can respond to it as a business. A successful way to win someone back over is to empathize with them, assure them that action is being taken, apologize, and express hope that they will give you another shot. For example: “Negative Nancy, that experience certainly does sound unpleasant. I assure you that action will be taken to prevent this from happening again. Our sincerest apologies for your bad experience. We hope you will give us another shot someday so that we can make it up to you! Best, Management”

2. React

If you are consistently getting bad reviews on Yelp targeted at one facet of your business, it may be time to take action. For example, if there are numerous complaints about service being slow it may be a good idea to hold a staff meeting and address this concern. Work with your staff to fix the internal issues and the reviews should become more positive!

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3. Encourage

People who have had a bad experience are more likely to feel motivated to write a review than those who had a good experience. If bad reviews on Yelp are tainting your page, perhaps reach out to some happy customers and suggest that they write a review as well. This can be done either in person or through a social media status. Letting potential customers see pleasant reviews as well will paint your business in a better light.

4. Relax

If all else fails, sometimes all you can do is take a step back and relax. It is impossible to please everyone and sometimes you just have to accept that Negative Nancy will have a bad day no matter what you do! Just remember how many people enjoy your business everyday and try to let the others fall to the wayside.

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1 Comment:

  • By Craig Kensek 25 Sep 2015

    Yelp doesn’t make it easy to remove reviews. How about situations where an angry ex employee writes a bad review (pretending to be a client).? What about someone who writes a negative review, after you’ve had to report them to collections. Yelp also doesn’t do a first in, first out for reviews. People who write reviews “a lot” show up higher. Longer reviews are given a longer shelf life.