3 Tips For Successfully Marketing Your Business at Trade Shows

Trade shows are relationship builders, and according to Inc.com, companies that can see trade shows as an investment have the best chance at successfully building relationships on the floor. If you have any chance at fostering relationships during a trade show, invest in the aesthetics and atmosphere of your booth. Prepare for your next expo and keep in mind the following tips on display design, location and etiquette.


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Booth Design & Color

The aesthetics of your booth shouldn’t just be attractive, they should convey a message and reflect your company’s image. You have between four and six seconds to make an impression, and it starts with your graphics. Use banner stands and trade show displays as the focal points of your booth to draw in attendees. Your company logo will most likely inspire your color scheme. Netmeg Exhibit also suggests the following colors to communicate a message:

  • Metallics, such as gold and platinum, to express exclusivity and luxury
  • Red to evoke emotion
  • Blue and green for calming effects
  • White to suggest honesty and high standards
  • Black to express power and authority
  • Yellow to arouse attention

Prime Real Estate

Expos aren’t high school, but, yes, you still want to be popular. Your popularity will garner foot traffic and prospective leads at any of the trade shows you attend. However, not only do you need to attract traffic, you need to retain it. The goal is to turn that traffic and those prospective leads into customers and brand loyalists. The most desirable (and effective) areas are aisles to the right, ends of rows, corners that pull in traffic from intersecting aisles, and major routes adjacent to seminar rooms. Try to avoid congested areas too close to the entrance and exit where people are just arriving or ready to leave. Your booth can easily get overlooked and meaningful conversations will be challenging to initiate. Also, be aware of positions too close to major competitors who may sidetrack your visitors, as SmartTradeshows.com recommends.

Expo Etiquette

Think of your booth as your home. As the host, warmly welcome the expo attendees to be guests. Make them feel at home with proper trade show booth etiquette. Complement your winning display and stunning signage design with positive energies that draw people in. Your staff’s conduct and appearance all affect the level of engagement of your attendees. Appropriate dress, body language, facial expressions, and of course, the sales pitch, will help convert a lead into a buyer. Prior to the trade show, ensure your staff is trained with excellent customer service and communication skills, as well as a clear understanding of your brand and objectives.

SmartTradeshows.com also offers the following etiquette pointers:

  • Rehearse the sales script to deliver a refined message
  • Use the selling space efficiently
  • Free the booth of clutter and other distractions
  • Be enthusiastic, confident and focused
  • Build rapport by actively speaking and listening
  • Offer free product samples and giveaways that can help you hook a lead

With an engaging booth display and staff in a prime location, your trade show presence has the foundation for success. Now, showcasing your superior-quality retail products and services should be effortless.

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  • By Jeanie James 08 Jul 2014

    My day job is with an engineering company. We play off the conference theme. One year the theme was “Making Time/Making Progress.” We did a game show booth and played “Minute to Win It.” Last year, the conference was at a Casino, so we played “Two-Day Winning Hand Blackjack” with attendees. At a Construction conference, we had a sand box, some toy construction earth-moving equipment and coins and prizes buried in the sand. We find interactive booths sure beat out static ones. Of course, we have a big screen TV with a looping powerpoint, brochures, and the regular conference stuff, but we focus on the interactivity, having our staff give out tickets, prizes, tallying and keeping scores. The staff is involved. Let me know if you need specifics. Glad to share.