What Is Business Branding and Why Should You Care?

According to the American Marketing Association Dictionary: Business branding “is a customer experience represented by a collection of images and ideas; often, it refers to a symbol such as a name, logo, slogan, and design scheme.



So, why should you care about business branding?

Just as certain universal symbols elicit quick recognition of an instruction or message, branding brings instant recognition of a particular product or company. Consider the yellow signs we all see from time to time with a stick figure walking. As you know, this means “pedestrian crossing.” And everyone knows that a red circle with a diagonal red line drawn through it means “no”. Just as there are internationally recognized symbols, there are internationally recognized brands. No matter where you are in the world you will instantly recognize the Coca-Cola logo and the brand it represents.

In the business and advertising world, recognition can mean the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity and branding is at the top of the list of importance. Consider the following:

  1. Branding and recognition are no longer optional, they are mandatory for recognition in today’s business world.
  2. Branding is essentially giving your company or business a unique identity that sets it apart from other businesses in your field.
  3. Just like fingerprints, a company brand says that your business is one of a kind.
  4. There are several key advantages to establishing a brand for your company:
  5. Sets you apart from other similar businesses
  6. Instantly identifies your company and the unique approach(es) you have in your field
  7. Elevates your company in the minds of consumers
  8. Gives your company easy recognition among a group of other companies
  9. Gives your company “ownership” of a segment of your service market
  10. Aligns your company to receive preferential treatment from advertisers
  11. Increases sales through name recognition
  12. Creates opportunities to network and grow your company

As you might guess, creating a memorable brand is critical to helping you establish your company, product, or service. The strong points of your business should be the foundation upon which your brand is built, and the unique service(s) or business approach that you provide should become the core of your company brand:

  1. Setting your company apart from the field can help place your business uppermost in consumers’ minds when they seek the service(s) or good(s) that your company provides.
  2. Branding is essential for business growth in the 21st century. Without it your company is just another among many.
  3. Since this is the computer age, establishing a website with an easily remembered site name is a must. Securing an appropriate URL is the key to marking your territory in your particular market.

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  • By Sergey Grigoryan 10 Apr 2014

    Most important is what the brand does and if they do it well and in a unique way. Yes, brand identity is important, but the two go hand in hand. Do things that matter and represent those things in a concise and clever way.

  • By Jill DaSilva 10 Apr 2014

    I believe that consistent branding is an absolute must. To me, it is a big part of gaining the trust of the user/consumer.

  • By Ajesh Soman 12 Apr 2014

    It is about the perceived corporate image as a whole. It’s important that you have a strategy around branding your company and products/services so that your business is perceived to be the best and only choice for your customers.

    Consistent branding allows marketers to differentiate their product, it’s strategy to get the attention of the customer every time so that it is in their mind. By keeping a tight rein on branding consistency, marketers can drive customer perception from the onset of the engagement all the way through the buyer decision making process.

    You want your customer to feel good about your product, so if branding encourages a sense of trust from your customer, then it is important to build it into your marketing framework and deliver on it regularly. It can be seen as a differentiation every time through different messages in a different way for the same product.

  • By Kris Thrasher 16 Apr 2014

    And yet look at Geico with the gecko, caveman, those weird paintings that come to life. I guess they’re all still talking about 15 minutes can save you 15%. But that’s their message, not their look and feel. Progressive does something similar with Flo, the talking insurance box and the motorcycle money man.

  • By Kashyap Patel 17 Apr 2014

    What we often forget is the operations. We talk about the message, right core associations, integrated communications etc. in reference to brand management. But most of us forget is that no brand can survive if it is not backed up by strategically managed operations which is actually at a level where it is supporting or driving your brand or business strategy.

    Whether you go all out or simple OK, you cannot spread the message and forget to deliver through weak company operations.

  • By gaurav 07 May 2014

    Branding and the adaptability of a product in ever changing market goes hand in hand and Branding helps to keep creating awareness through different mediums..and it should be backed profoundly by the management with good marketing idealizations..