4 Ways To Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides tremendous opportunities for business owners and sales people to interact, engage, and connect with potential new customers. Its growing network of over 450 million professionals are looking to connect for sharing business ideas and networking.


4 Ways To Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

In this blog post we discuss 4 ways for using LinkedIn to make your time on LinkedIn effective and successful for your business.

1) Up to date

With the array of social media profiles, it may have become a little overwhelming to keep them up to date. LinkedIn is probably where you need to focus your attention. Update your profile regularly and include projects and job positions so that clients can most easily find you when the need arises.

2) Keeping in Touch

It may be difficult to manage staying in touch given the sheer numbers that can accumulate, but your clients don’t care about you if you don’t care about them. A good way to keep them engaged is by posting interesting reads that spark discussion. It allows clients to trust your insight and judgements, and it helps keep you top of mind.

3) Great minds think alike

Join relevant groups and be active. Take a leadership role in creating a sense of group culture. You can also  take a discussion offline, such as when organizing a networking event. These have huge potential for creating powerful and meaningful relationships. Value is created by introducing two people (with their permission) who may be able to provide value to each other. That in turn makes you a go-to connector.

4) Connect

Each social media network serves its own purpose and crowd. Expand your market base by integrating these networks in a way that’s most meaningful to your business. Using LinkedIn may provide professional intimacy and build rapport, but Twitter integration can allow clients to hashtag your relevance to their friends.

Some people may believe that LinkedIn is primarily for job seekers, but it presents some amazing opportunities for business owners too. By using these tips as a foundation for growing your network, you can have terrific success while optimizing your efforts on LinkedIn!

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  • By Linda Allen 29 May 2014

    Hands Together, Applause! Applause! Excellent Read Will Sherwood! I appreciate your inspiration.

  • By Laura Duffy 29 May 2014

    i’m not sure if this is effective because I’ve just started doing it, but I took this advice to change the wording on invitations so they sound a little more personal. I’ll also add some details about myself, my work, and perhaps our connections. Additionally, I recently reached out that way to a perspective new client via LinkedIn rather than an email, and so far I haven’t received a reply. I’m not sure if they’re in the habit of using LI, and maybe thought it was spammy??

  • By Tom Root,Sr. 29 May 2014

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  • By Michael D. Forbus 29 May 2014

    Excellent article and the information is priceless. My gratitude for letting me know about this program. I am very interested. Sincerely, Michael Forbus.

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  • By Kunal Raval 30 May 2014

    Very effective blog about LinkedIn benefits. Thanks for sharing, Will.

    Apart from that, LinkedIn Group discussion and the latest post about the recent updates in specific industry is also an added advantage to keep yourself up with the flow.

    LinkedIn is really an boon for sales people. 🙂

    To conclude, LinkedIn can prove to be a great Internet marketing and advertising arsenal for your business. It can also prove to be a great aid in building new contacts and expanding your business. All you need to ensure is continue doing the good work and stay active, the time and attention you pour into it is worth doing!

  • By salenajohn 30 May 2014

    That’s awesome ways could be more helpful to increase business

  • By Andrea Holmes 30 May 2014

    Thank you for this blog post. I need to find ways to build my business and so far it has been word of mouth. I have been maintaining but need to draw up more in case one should depart.

  • By Stephen B. Starr 30 May 2014

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Will. LinkedIn is a natural screen for business to business. Unlike many other social media outlets that are primarily perso/professional, LinkedIn is almost entirely people in the marketplace and workforce. My connections are often one step away from someone else who may be interested in my services… an invaluable way to introduce myself.

  • By Michael D. Forbus 31 May 2014

    I am an avid believer in Networking. I do it as I have my morning health beverage and all my computer is clean until the evening, when I do it again. All mail is done, all invitations are sent, everyone endorsed and I wake to another mountain of work. Having a large number of active LinkedIn professionals and running 4 other Social media sites, is a full time job. I have monetized my work in a mighty way though. So I don’t have to work or consult unless it is a desire that I want to fulfill. Have a joyous and prosperous day. milagrorey@aol.com from Michael Forbus.

  • By Simon McEntire 10 Jul 2014

    Thanks for the tips. This website is probably on the top 5 when it comes to effectively marketing your business. Because of the format they have, surely potential clients are likely to notice your business, just be diligent on your updates.