Online Tools That Help Small Businesses Cut Costs

Every business looks for ways to save money, and this is especially true for small businesses and startups. One effective cost-cutting strategy is to use online tools that are less costly than traditional equipment. Consider the following:


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SugarSync Cloud Storage

One of the most daunting tasks of running a business is filing and storing all of your company’s data. In the traditional sense, it’s also one of the most archaic systems used in business. Avoid high maintenance costs, questionable back-up systems and risks of losing all your data and hardware in a catastrophe (don’t think it can’t happen to you), and instead move your data filing system to the cloud. SugarSync, for example, has proven to be one of the best and most versatile online file-syncing systems.

SugarSync is a good example of a versatile online file-syncing system. With this cloud storage option, your data is continuously backed up and you can access it from anywhere. You also have total control over what files can be accessed, viewed or edited by others. And, in the event your devices get lost or stolen, SugarSync features a remote wipe that removes all synchronized files from those devices.

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FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

If you don’t have an employee that is savvy with accounting, try an online accounting software program like FreshBooks that can make the task easier, faster and more secure. Small businesses can benefit from FreshBooks because they save time and money on tasks, such as sending invoices, tracking time and capturing expenses. The invoicing platform is easier for your customer as well because they receive professional-looking invoices, payment reminders and convenient payment options.

FreshBooks is also versatile because it lets you create and send invoices from your mobile devices. According to the software’s website, its customers are paid an average of five days faster. You can also double your revenue in the first 24 months and, with the amount of time you save, you free up as much as two days per month that would’ve been spent working on invoices the old-fashioned way.

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Basecamp Project Management Software

If your business is one where your employees are always on the go, you need a reliable communication setup to stay in touch with them from anywhere. To avoid heavy phone call traffic or emails that get lost and cost your business money, try an online project management system like Basecamp.

With Basecamp, you can pool together specific employees to work on a project (or multiple projects) and send status reports without going over budget and relying on your IT department. With 4,868 companies signing up with Basecamp in just one week, the software is very popular. Basecamp is great for various-sized businesses, ranging from freelancers to small businesses to large corporations because it allows you to get everyone on your team focused and in one place. This way you don’t have to worry about losing any emails in a crowded inbox or wasting time on the phone.

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