Pay Per Click Advertising: Is It Worth The Money?

Back in the late 1990’s, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) was a novel idea, and prices for PPC were low. Over the years the price for popular words has elevated significantly. Google has seen the greatest benefit of the increase in prices for PPC. A single click on a popular word can cost as much as $100.00!


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Despite the high cost of some key words, certain companies are still willing to pay exorbitant fees in an attempt to drive targeted traffic to their websites. That being said, apart from the sometimes high cost of PPC advertising, it does not always direct qualified prospects to your website.

Here are 3 groups of people who may be clicking on your PPC ad.


Many times competitors of a company will click on the adversary’s website, scoping out the competition, benchmarking your high-quality website, drawing inspiration from the well-written copy. Obviously your competitor has no intention to buy your product or service, but if they click on a PPC ad you will still be paying for it.

Loyal Customers

If your current customers, people who are already very loyal to you, click on your PPC ad, that can be unproductive and expensive. If they are occasional customers, people who still might buy from a rival, that is a different story of course.

Disgruntled Employees and Enemies

Some people know that your PPC ad is expensive. They dislike your company, and they want to make you pay. Google has a real time system to prevent most of the damage, and it is fairly complex and robust, but someone really focused with a lot of time on their hands, particularly with solid tech knowledge or a lot of resources, could make your company pay. Eliminating the effectiveness of these malcontents is a high priority for Google, and they are making impressive strides to do so all the time.

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  • By Robert Hensley 16 May 2015

    An interesting post Will. I look at it this way, if you want as much marketshare as you can get, you’ll need both organic and paid.
    Did I tell you we service PPC or small to medium concerns?
    The monies in the list, and there is no faster way to build a great list and using PPC.

    Thank you Robert