5 Simple and Easy Marketing Ideas That Work

Coming up with simple and easy marketing ideas that work is no easy feat. Marketing is never as simple as creating a blog or occasionally posting to your social media pages. You could argue that marketing is its own art form. Still, there is no reason to throw away simple ideas that fall into your lap, like these ideas:


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These marketing ideas and techniques will certainly get you started on the right path.

1. Focus on more personal communication.

There are plenty of ways to advertise, but how often does it seem personal? Show your customers that you care by sending along a handwritten note as a way to show appreciation for their business. Personal rewards are always helpful too. For instance, some dentists will send out gift cards to celebrate birthdays and holidays. This can make all the difference between retaining business and losing an otherwise good customer.

2. Thank customers for providing reviews and ‘likes.’

Something as simple as a “thank you” can make a customer feel happy to have written a review or liked your Facebook page. A personal message can go a long way. You can also share tips and other handy information with your followers, ensuring that they are the first to learn about upcoming promotions.

3. Write a book.

Delivering an ebook to potential clients is a great way to offer assistance, industry “secrets” and helpful hints. Giving away copies to some of your clients can spread your message while offering something of value. You can also offer your book on Amazon and through other ebook retailers.

4. Contribute to the online community.

Posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter and other social media accounts can be helpful for any business owner looking for additional promotion. Commenting on blog posts, social media accounts, YouTube videos and more is also helpful. However, each comment should offer value, adding new and helpful information. Spamming the comments section with meaningless information is detrimental and may get you kicked off a group, but valuable information is not.

5. Curate content.

Also, don’t forget to curate content that appeals to your clientele. As you may know, it’s perfectly acceptable to pass along interesting photos, articles and news stories that focus on topics relevant to your business and your clients’ business. You can even automate sharing your content with a platform like Hootsuite to make it easier.

Best of all, you can spend less than one hour each day working on these marketing ideas, and each one is likely to fit into your budget. Who says you have to spend thousands in advertising?

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