Optimizing Your Website So It’s Mobile Ready

Google is currently penalizing websites that aren’t mobile ready in their search engine rankings. To avoid this, you’ll want to make sure your website is mobile ready. Here are some reasons to think small, mobile small, before you think big with your website.


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Dedicated Mobile Website

When it comes to optimizing your website for mobile devices there are two different ways in which to do it. You can either create one website with responsive design (which means it’ll work on a multitude of different devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets and different web browsers. Or you can create a dedicated mobile-specific version of your website.

The advantages of a mobile-specific site are the ability to make drop-down menus available for easier browsing, and users won’t have to zoom in on small links in order to access other sections of the site.

Services & Cost

Once you make a decision for optimizing your website for mobile users, you’ll have to decide on a service. Small businesses don’t typically have the funds to hire a full-time, professional website designer. Luckily, there are hosting options available in a range of prices. You’re sure to find one that will meet your budget. Most hosting services will give you more options depending on the price point you pick. Sites like WordPress and Squarespace all have reasonable payment options; some sites, like Weebly even have free options.

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Key Mobile Site Options

The options you’ll want to get out of your mobile site depend on the type of company you have. If you provide goods and commodities of some kind, an ecommerce (or shopping cart) option is a must. If you have a retail space, an interactive map is also a good idea, or at the very least a page with contact information that includes your address, phone number and hours of operation. An essential feature is a button that visitors can click to call your business. This makes it easy for anyone who has questions.

Design Elements

When it comes to the design elements of your mobile website, make sure to prioritize the information displayed. A small screen means you don’t have as much space to communicate information. Consolidate your message. What is the most important thing potential customers should learn from your website?

Ensure your mobile site’s layout isn’t a far reach from your normal site. If it is, customers who are familiar with your product and website might be discouraged.

Reduce Bounce Rate

While it might seem like overkill to create a new version of your website just for mobile users, what is legible on a computer might be impossible to navigate on a smartphone or tablet. By creating a mobile version of your website you’re not only expanding the likelihood of new customers finding you, you’re also keeping customers on your site longer.

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