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Today there are millions of business professionals using LinkedIn. It is estimated that over 25 percent of ultra-high value investors as well as nearly 60 percent of United States citizens who earn $50,000 or more use it. LinkedIn is now the largest professional network in the world.



If your company does not have a LinkedIn account, you’re probably missing out on some valuable new business opportunities. Here are some ideas on successfully using LinkedIn. In my opinion, the very 1st point is the most effective way to create a “warm call” situation and avoid the “cold call” blues:

1. Finding Qualified Prospects for Your Business on LinkedIn

One of the best ways to find qualified prospects on LinkedIn is to review the contact lists of current clients and friends. When you notice someone who might be a good lead for you, ask your client how well they know them. If they know them well, would they be willing to forward an introductory email to their connection on your behalf? If so, write the introductory email content and send it to your client, so they don’t have to write it themselves. This is a very powerful way to begin connecting with people who can really help your business grow!

2. Expanding Your Marketing

Businesses using LinkedIn have a tremendous opportunity to expand their marketing and grow their business. LinkedIn is an effective way to create a network of individuals interested in you and your business, and gives you the opportunity to develop positive relationships with them. It’s also an efficient way for you to interact with clients, customers, friends and prospects.

3. Developing Your Contact Network

Once your business is registered with LinkedIn, send out invitations asking everyone you know to connect with you. You can do this by sending a personal message to them, and by importing contacts from your other social and e-mail networks.

You’ll also want to join some of the many professional associations and discussion groups on LinkedIn. Many of them have thousands of members who may be willing to connect with you.

4. Creating Additional Marketing Opportunities

Using LinkedIn online can also lead to offline marketing opportunities. It can provide opportunities for speaking engagements, media appearances and more. People who follow you and your business on LinkedIn are more likely listen to podcasts, watch videos and other forms of media provided by you and your business.

5. Making Sure Your Company Website is Current and Up-To-Date

Having the benefits of a LinkedIn account comes with some challenges. To be successful, your business website needs to be “responsive,” meaning that it must automatically resize for tablets and smartphones. (If you change the size of your browser window while you’re on this site, you’ll notice how our site page automatically resizes.)

The current trend is using LinkedIn to find qualified customers and prospects. This is expected to continue as people find more ways to grow their business using the powerful influence of this online social medium.

If you are interested in learning more about effectively using LinkedIn and other ways to help grow your business, contact us today.

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