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Would it surprise you to learn that 46% of LinkedIn users have a college degree and 36% earn more than $100,000 per year?  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and it’s definitely a good place to grow your business.



Whether you are considering using this social network or have been a member for some time, let’s discuss the correct way to use LinkedIn to grow your business.

1. Effective Marketing Begins With A Customer-Focused Profile

Be sure you include the answers to these questions, and avoid these pitfalls:

  1. What was your biggest accomplishment last year?
  2. Have you updated the summary section of your LinkedIn profile?
  3. Are you using the special profile sections to highlight your areas of expertise?
  4. Are you using action words instead of adjectives to describe your accomplishments?
  5. Are you using some of the most abused buzzwords in profiles? These include creative, strategic, effective, expert, driven, innovative, analytical, organizational, responsible, and patient according to LinkedIn.
  6. Are you using verbs to describe your accomplishments? Try using words like accomplished, achieved, acquired, engineered, enhanced, or generated.
  7. Are you using specific calls to action throughout your profile to encourage others to engage with you?

2. Are You Making Quality Connections?

You will make little progress by connecting to people who don’t use LinkedIn often. Before sending a connection request, look for a professional profile photo, a summary of their career history, and check the number of their connections. Making connections with people who have a higher number of connections will expand your network much further and help you build long-term relationships.

3. Are Your Connection Invitations Personal?

If you are using generic messages to invite someone to connect with you – STOP. It will more than likely come across as spam. If you really don’t have anything in common with the person, you probably shouldn’t be messaging them in the first place. You should let the person know that you have an interest in their specialty and that you are not trying to sell to anyone who will listen.

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4. Personalize your LinkedIn communications:

  1. Tell them what you know about them, why you want to connect, and how you can help them.
  2. Be friendly and let them know what you have in common.
    Show you have read their profile and briefly explain the benefits of a connection.
  3. If you have visited their blog or website, tell them how much you enjoyed the experience.

5. Give More Than You’re Taking!

The primary goal of LinkedIn is to make professional connections that will not only grow your business and advance your career, but will also allow you to help others advance theirs:
  1. Avoid getting in the habit of using this network just to sell a product or service.
  2. Instead, try to come up with ways you can help others succeed in their businesses.
  3. Help them get in contact with your connections.

Your LinkedIn experience will be more successful and you will make more meaningful connections if you will find ways to help your connections and not just focus on your own interests. It’s all about being social in a professional environment and remember, it’s not Facebook.

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