Using Online Forms & Call To Action Statements Efficiently

According to the Small Business B2B Call to Action Study, 70 percent of companies studied don’t display clear CTAs on their home pages including e-mail newsletters and specials. Online forms and call to action statements are designed to deliver value through free tips, promotions, white papers or helpful advice.



In exchange, potential customers hand over their email address and give the business permission to keep emailing them. The combination of what you’re offering in your call to action or online form and where you place it on your website is key. Get some inspiration for online forms that work from these companies.


YouGov is an international interest-based market research firm in the UK. Its landing page takes readers to daily surveys about current events and issues like gun control. A shocking or eye-catching image serves as a backdrop. The survey is short and to the point and users can also see results and read more about YouGov’s research and solutions. The gravity of the form is prominent and new users intuitively know the sites main focus is about answering their online forms.

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Inbound marketing software platform HubSpot entices companies to sign up for its marketing platform for free for 30 days. Its online form takes prominence on the right and collects the usual information like your name and email. But HubSpot also takes it a step further to find out how many employees your company has, your role and what type of service you offer. To keep potential customers focused, HubSpot explains all the benefits of using its platform from getting more leads to creating better calls to action alongside the form.


Shopify sells a complete ecommerce solution including store set up, credit card processing and tracking orders. Shopify’s target customers are retailers selling products and services. Its homepage positions its call to action on the left with one of its star sellers on the right. Shopify customers read, “Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere” with an offer to start a 14-day free trial in exchange for your email. Below the opt-in, we see a statistic that Shopify is trusted by more than 175,000 store owners. Shopify also adds a personalized touch with a smiling store owner next to the call to action. Potential customers can put a face to a name and trust that if this store owner, as well as 175,000 others, trust Shopify then so can you.

Make your own online form is simple with an email marketing provider like MailChimp or AWeber. Next, click your way to an online email opt-in, survey or customized form of your choice. You can also create a pop-up form using the same process without knowing any coding at all. Match the form colors to your website and copy and paste the provided embed code into your website.

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