What makes the perfect blog post? [Infographic]

If you’re a small business on the internet, it’s a constant uphill battle trying to outrank the big guys. This article includes some good tips to assure that you’re getting the most from your blog posts!

If you sell electronics, Best Buy takes the first result. If you have a local pizza place, Pizza Hut will dominate the front page. Getting attention online to a small business takes a lot of finesse, cleverness, and persistence, but one of the easiest things to grow your visibility online is content marketing.

Writing content that caters to your customer’s searches is not only going to please your visitors and be interesting to read, but Google is going to take notice of your content, and if there’s one thing Google loves, it’s regularly posted fresh content. The simple task of posting to your blog once a week can have a dramatic effect on your authority and your search engine traffic, which is why small businesses are making an effort to post to their website whenever they can.

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That being said, what does it take to get a blog post to rank well on Google?

This study, conducted by Blogpros.com, goes through a dozen or so different areas of some randomly chosen high ranking blog posts to give you an idea of what the big guys are doing, so you can emulate them (or even do it better).

Let us know what you think of this infographic! It may change your blog posting habits forever.



Author: Will M. is the business development manager at Blogpros.com, and frequently writes about content marketing and blogging tips for businesses. When he’s not helping out with the Blogpros daily operations, he’s building websites and making the world a more exciting place.”

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