Five tips for increasing your credibility in the workplace

Excelling in the workplace is more than just doing the job correctly and on time. It’s about how you carry yourself professionally. It’s how you behave around co-workers and management. It’s how you co-exist as a team. It’s about your creativity, drive and strategy.


How to increase your credibility image

The tips in this article will help you increase your credibility as a reliable worker/contributor in the workplace:

Positive vibes: the must-have accessory for increasing credibility.

It’s a trend that makes everyone feel better and there’s plenty to go around. Positivity isn’t about having a smile on your face 24/7 and talking to everyone (even if they creep you out). No one feels like this every day. It’s about how you treat everyone — with respect and courtesy.

Push the envelope at work.

Take the initiative and find new ways to be productive at work. Find new strategies to get the work done faster while maintaining quality. This is not to be confused with “know-it-alls,” the people who know so much that they don’t feel the need to learn anything new. Taking the initiative creates a learning experience of trial and error to find ways to improve your efficiency in the workplace.

Handle constructive criticism with grace.

At work, the words “constructive criticism” is intertwined with “criticism.” Hearing any kind of negative feedback is considered bad by many folks since no one wants to hear it. That’s because most people can’t handle it (although many claim they are ready for it). Take the feedback given and apply it toward your work. Yes, there are nit-pickers, but most are trying to help.

Stay away from gossip and water cooler conversations.

The rumor mills at work (true or not) must be avoided. While you cannot get away from gossip you can stop it by focusing on the work and not on what you hear about an employee or boss. Getting caught in this vicious web will hurt everyone’s business relationships.

Learn something new.

It’s never too late to learn a new skill. After being in the same job for a long time you start to feel like you’re in a rut. That can stop you from doing well at work. Break free by auditioning yourself with training, college courses (a degree perhaps) and volunteering.

It’s great to be a good worker on the job, but excelling in the workplace is about personal growth. The ideas included here can help you gain the personal accomplishments that you can feel confident boasting about.

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