How To Overcome Failure in Life, Work or Career

All of us have made the best of the opportunities that were presented to us. Whether we manage social media for a large corporation, were an intern at a major ad agency during college, or someone cut us a break working at their local print shop, at one time or another we’ve all had to overcome failure.



With technology being such a valuable resource in our lives many opportunities that you could not have found 20-30 years ago now present themselves in seconds on your smartphones and your computer screens every minute of the day.

Knowing the way technology consumes our attention, there may be those times when you act before you think…

Enter The Thinking Room with Coach Ron Tunick


Over the weekend I read great book that a close friend had written some years ago. The book is called “The Thinking Room: A New System For Success.” Coach Ron Tunick is the author of “The Thinking Room” and he explains that to become truly successful at your trade, your craft or your industry of expertise you must think before you act.

Too often we have all had a great idea and some of us had the “entrepreneurial surge” as Michael Gerber describes it in “The E-Myth.” You jump up off of the chair that you are sitting in and with extreme excitement you decide in mere seconds that you are going to pursue that idea…

That dream… Until it makes you a huge success.

It may be a business venture or just a hobby that will produce a desired result. One that in less than 5 minutes you determined is worth consuming every bit of your free time for the next blank number of years. But did you think it through?

Have you done your research to overcome failure?

Coach Ron Tunick goes deep into several levels of succeeding from within. He explains that impulse decision making is often a recipe for disaster not success. He also teaches that if you really want to grow to a new level that exceeds your current place in your career or your business that you must take a cold hard look inside yourself and begin to develop a strong critical thinking process that can truly identify: what works, what doesn’t work, why it does or does not work and how to begin changing the things in your life that don’t work the way that you’re wanting them to.


Change Is Inevitable

“If you aren’t willing to change, you just won’t make it.” – Coach Ron Tunick

Tunick’s, “The Thinking Room” is a fast read that outlines the cold hard questions that you must ask yourself at the end of each chapter. If you feel like your life, your business or your health are “stuck in the ditch” then a new result requires critical thinking and a self evaluation of what your daily activities are like. The only way to change the things your unhappy with is to get comfortable looking at yourself from within.

Tunick explains that you need to make time to think. That you should be comfortable entering “The Thinking Room.” To do that you must determine where the best places are in your life that allow you the distraction free zone so that you can experience the “Thinking Room.” Find yourself a positive place where you can be left uninterrupted by distractions, hasty decisions and external noise.

Coach Tunick says that “…your ability to change and adapt is essential to your happiness, peace and success.”

He recommends that you cannot let fear prevent you from making change, not to hold on too tightly to something that is not producing the results that you desire, and that “becoming ready for change means letting go.” Overcoming your fears will give you confidence and the success will soon follow.


Don’t Take A Leap Without Thinking

Make a list of all the positives and negatives that are in your life. Determine which ones need to change and why. Reflect on your list and then individually take each item on the list into your “Thinking Room.” That is the place where you can dissect it, analyze it and write out your fears, as well as the ideas that you have that may be the right ideas you can later use to solve the problems and allow you to form a new direction that welcomes change.

Write down these ideas that come from your session in the “Thinking Room” on a piece of paper and then take the time to research more about them. Use the “Thinking Room” to develop your ideas. Use your research to determine if the idea that you had will actually solve your problem or just waste your time. Remember that you can always take the research and your new found information back into your “Thinking Room” to reexamine your research and discoveries to determine if they are the right ideas to formulate a plan around.

The “Thinking Room” Balance

Tunick suggested that without a balance in your life, your health and your business you will always struggle to succeed. You do not have to be the expert at everything, but you can do the research to find people that are experts at something that you need help with, and then hire them to help.

If you’re someone that is terrible at accounting for your business, find someone that is great and can save you time and help you do a better job of managing your money. If you struggle to get motivated and exercise each day, then consider hiring a personal trainer. Don’t let yourself get away with just staying in your comfort zone. If you are not progressing then you are staying still in the same place.

That stagnation can never produce a result that is better than the unhappy results that you may currently be experiencing.

I challenge you to take the time to write down your list and bring it to “The Thinking Room.”

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1 Comment:

  • By Mayank Sanghvi 12 Apr 2015

    Yes, its true. Fear: I did have fear that where will I go if I loose the Job where I worked for almost 2 decades. When I was forced to leave that job as the firm I was working was in trouble , I realized that my worth was much more and lots of opportunities are available for people like me with good experience and working very sincerely. Today I am getting 10 times the pay & instead of a Senior executive, I am Corporate Head – Marketing.

    Lesson : Do not be FEARFUL. Just go out & explore your worth.