Quick Tips for Finding Happiness at Work

The average person spends the majority of their life working, followed by sleeping and eating, which is then finally followed by having time to do whatever else you want. With that being said, finding happiness at work is a must. If you aren’t happy at work, it can easily trickle down into your home life and your relationships with others outside the workplace.


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With that being said, finding happiness at work can seem like the biggest challenge of your day, but it is all about the mental attitude that someone has, and the ability to endure the mental attitude of others. Let’s face it, no matter what you do make the workplace “happier,” you will always find a Debbie Downer that wants to make you just as miserable as they are so what can you do?

Avoid negativity whenever you can.

Try to put positive spins on things that might bring you down. Whether turning a negative into a lesson that you have learned, or making that negative something that you can laugh about and move on, it is all about the mental attitude. Coworkers can influence your mental attitude by frequently venting in front of you. It is really easy to get caught up in the woe is me complaining. There will most likely never be a day where everyone is happy, but make it your mission to do something to make someone else smile and you might find the cheer is contagious.

Make your breaks ones that don’t focus on work.

Is there a book that you are reading that you can spend 10 minutes escaping into the pages of the plot, or maybe a short meditation track that will allow you to come out of your break refreshed and ready to head into what is next on your to-do list? Try to put your phone down during the break and let your eyes have some screen rest if you are at a computer all day. It is hard to distance yourself from the device that is all-powerful, but as smart as the phones are today, they also welcome a world of stress and unhappiness.

Stay away from social media while you are at work.

While it can be frowned upon to be actively involved in posting or checking in on your favorite social media sites, it is also the number one place for you to see something that takes your mood down several notches. If you are an avid poster, take the stance to only post positive or funny posts. By sharing or posting things that are negative, you allow negativity to spread. Finding uplifting, motivational, funny, or “happy” things to post, spreads that positivity.

If you have a colleague that is constantly complaining about everything…

Take a moment to tell them that you are trying something new and that you want to talk about things that are going right versus what is going wrong. Spin it so that it totally something that you are trying to do and that you really need their help by keeping things positive when around you. You don’t even have to acknowledge the complaining you have endured from this colleague. This is about you. You are allowed to let someone know that you need to de-stress and that one of the ways you want to do that is by shielding yourself from hearing things that will bring you down.

And lastly, take a moment to acknowledge all of the things that you like about your workplace.

Make a list and post it somewhere where you will see it while you are working. Make it a priority to tell others what they are doing right and you might find that they start doing the same. This isn’t something that will happen overnight, and if people avoid you because you don’t want to hear complaining…that’s a win-win. The irony of others complaining about you wanting to be happy can be something you smile about.

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  • By Vakhtang Antadze 24 Jan 2015

    Thanks for interesting insights! We can also add some neuroscientific evidence and practical experience: please check it out:

  • By Tony Melling 24 Jan 2015

    Great points Will. Fighting the negativity can be a biggie, especially when you get busy and the stress levels start to rise! I’ve published this post focussing on just that point http://bit.ly/1BhTrLk.

  • By Glen Liberman 24 Jan 2015


    I agree with you 100% in regards to all of the points you make about starting your own business. The likelihood of failure is pretty high, which does make it quite scary especially if you have a wife and / or children to support, among other bills, etc.

    However, I’d rather fail time and time again and maybe never succeeding, than working for a heartless employer that may or may not know my name.

    If you can beat the odds and succeed, the level of personal satisfaction you will gain is more of a reward than just about anything else. Your confidence will increase a hundred times over, enabling you do to other things in your life, things you never imagined were possible before. And, as I can attest from personal experience, it is quite possible.

    The simple truth is, you only live once. Why would you spend your time giving away your blood, sweat, and tears to help make someone else rich?

    Lighting the spark,
    – Glen
    Owner, Kinekt Design – kinektdesign.com

  • By Jon Colson 24 Jan 2015

    These are all great ideas, however it ultimately boils down to this:

    Nothing and nobody can make you happy. Happiness is a choice. There is a story that outlines this perfectly, and I will abbreviate it very much.

    Wife wrecks new car but is not hurt. Expects angry husband…gets whistling husband going about happily.

    When asked why he is not upset, he says, “I can be happy or I can be angry. Either way the car is wrecked. Why choose anger?”

    So, quite simply put, how do you find happiness at work? You choose it.

  • By Amit Mojumder 24 Jan 2015

    Music…. Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Thrash Metal, death Metal. My medicine for my working mind(specially when designing).

    When I can’t think or brainstorm or design I just leave the work for some time and do some fun. When head is clear……I get back to work-space and start from where I have left.

  • By Nikolina Tomaskovic 24 Jan 2015

    Will, nice thoughts, thank you for opening this topic.

    My impression is that these tips will surely contribute to more pleasant environment, not just the working one… but, the bottom line is that a working place is where unique talents meet to produce great things and deliver values, together. Therefore, a hapiness is not just what you work on by eliminating “not-bringing-hapiness-elements”, but it is also what simply arises.

    In order to create happiness for you and your coleagues, you should do your best to share your own talents and skills, as well as to recognize and appreciate other people talents and skills – that makes a great foundation for business and (what is more important) directs energy in the way that is the best for everyone 🙂

  • By Mudi Mustapha 24 Jan 2015

    As a person I have always relate seeking employment in a company -a work place, to a certain consumer in a grocery store ready to choose his/her favorite brand even if it costs a bit more than competing products displayed on the shelf. So when you’re job hunting pretend or act like an investor ready to put in your values for your preferred job brand. That is first step to unlocking happiness at work.
    It’s important also to have these insights: “To find happiness in your workplace, you’ve got to know what your organization’s mission & vision is, and see if it fits your purpose of being there first. Then, you’ve got to evaluate your skill sets and passion, and see if it matches your tasks, plus are you learning something new that’s motivating and enhancing your worth.”

  • By Guillermo(memo) Carretero 24 Jan 2015

    And for your convenience, here’s what you posted:

    I really like to create a pandemia !! You catch a straordinary number of followers.

    But create a viral video is a hard work of creativity,and you know that. so when You have it makes very noise !

    Nice question Will

  • By Andrise 24 Jan 2015

    Your attitude make the difference. I created my own environment and make the choice to be happy. My concepts always “I’m working for myself , I used the company to make the money” . As long as you believe you are working for yourself, not the other way around your happiness shine like an aura.

  • By Saikat Roy 24 Jan 2015

    So ‘happiness in work’ is something which can not be generalized!
    People with family commitments might find it difficult to cope with the ups and downs of business, whereas the youngsters can take advantage of their age. But again, experienced are capable of playing it safe and newbies with a risk.

  • By Unre Visagie 27 Jan 2015

    Thanks for you thoughtful contributions!
    Happiness comes from attitude or approach to life.
    In brief:
    Focussing on the task, follow the challenge to make it better and delivering excellent work is a good start to find fulfillment and meaning in any work. You will then attract more challenging work and you will be (feel) happy in any job. Rational thinking is a choice.
    Finding another job will probably leave you in the same state of happiness and attracting more work and choices. Just get rid of stinking thinking as Zig Ziglar said!
    Happiness is a choice? Choices is the real wealth of living?

  • By Ana Zivick 01 Feb 2015

    I think that despite the good intention, this article fails by using a simplistic and shallow approach. The “how to in a handful of steps” articles are becoming a universal trend and a plague. They are sadly killing and kicking the better writing out of the window.

  • By Ana Zivick 01 Feb 2015

    I want do add one more comment. The article seems to imply that happiness can simply be manipulated by getting attitude and perception under control. It completely ignores external factors and facts that need to be dealt with, not just dodged. Personally I’m not a fan of the dilusional mindset of acting as if a problem does not exist to make it go away. It’s like trying to cure a desease by treating only the symptoms. Yes, positive thinking great, but only if combined with actual problem solving.

  • By Glenn 18 Feb 2015

    For me, Happiness is an inside job! One of the personal agreements I have with myself is to look for Blessings in Disguise. This comes from the book “Revolutionary Agreements – Twelve ways to Turn Stress and Struggle into Freedom and Joy.” I see circumstances in my life and look for the Blessing. I meditate and watch for guidance and magic. Magic for me is what many may call coincidence. As I have a focused Intent, magic occurs many times a day. I also recommend the book “Do You Quantum Think?” by Dianne Collins. These two books have changed my life. Perhaps they will change yours?

  • By Shauntel Leeson 20 Feb 2015

    My father’s advice to me was to find something you love to do. He was an engineer and he loved it. We may not always be able to control what happens around us and particularly the people in the work place. We can however control our own thoughts, feelings and reactions. Happiness is that deep feeling within that will center you and keep you balanced. Rudyard Kipling wrote IF “If you can keep your head when all about you / Are losing theirs and blaming it on you”… Happiness will make you resilient and keep you youthful with fresh ideas. IF.