5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother Starting A Blog

You’re staring at the blank white screen, the cursor blinks at you furiously, and all you can think about is whether or not your favorite character of The Walking Dead will survive this season. You never wanted to bother starting a blog, you don’t know why you signed up for one and now all you want to do is curl up in a ball and pretend like it doesn’t exist.


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have A Blog

Fear not, here are 5 very valid reasons why you shouldn’t bother with creating a blog, the topics are all listed here, but with a humorous slant:

1. You’re Not A Writer

A blog is primarily composed of words. Lots of words that are original, creative, witty, engaging, and fun. You’re not a writer. You’ve never enjoyed writing. Yet here you are staring at a screen trying to think of things to write. It’s really quite unfair.

2. You’ve Got Better Things To Do

There are about 20 million other things you’d rather be doing. You need to walk the dog. You need to go grocery shopping. You need to do other things business related that will actually bring in some revenue.

3. Nobody Reads Anymore Anyway

Let’s face it, the written word has become a bit of an antiquated concept. Who sits down to actually, really read anything? Libraries are pretty extinct, blogs are probably the next creature on that list.

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4. You’re Too Lazy

You don’t want to worry about writing posts consistently. Three posts a week sounds like absolute torture. You’d probably rather go the dentist three times a week instead of writing a 300-word post about a new product.

5. You’ve Got Stalkers

Your crazy sister reads every little post you write and comments incessantly. She refers to personal situations that don’t even pertain to the blog and leaves comments that say “call me”. This is not the impression you want to give off to clients so now you’ve got to monitor the comment section.

Is it really worth all the hassle? Obviously there are more productive ways to spend your time, like binge-watching the latest season of Agents of Shield.

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