5 Reasons NOT To Develop a Marketing Plan

You’ve decided to throw caution to the wind. Everyone seems to be crazy about marketing, and they may see some success from doing so, but that’s just not your style. It’s a lot of work, and it can interrupt your busy day of watching reality TV and eating pizza, right?


5 Reasons Not To Develop a Marketing Budget

There are plenty of reasons to neglect developing a marketing plan, especially if you don’t really care about your business. Apathetic business owners of the world can rejoice! Here are 5 reasons you can avoid marketing your business:

1. You Want To Be Entirely Overlooked

Yeah, sure, if you marketed effectively, people would be able to find you. Having customers is completely overrated. Do you really want to go through all the trouble of making sure your financial figures make sense, setting aside the correct budget, and using it to run targeted ad campaigns? Of course not. If you did, you’d run the risk of people finding you, and then you’ll actually have to provide them with a product or service.

2. You Don’t Even Care About How You Spend Money

When you run out, you run out. It’s as simple as that. If you do decide you actually want to market instead of hoping the pure energy of the universe will mystically magnetise customers to you, who cares how much money you spend? Run an international or national ad campaign for your single location small niche business. Your employees won’t even care that you can’t afford to pay them at the end of the month when they see how cool your lavish ad campaign is.

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3. Who Really Needs Repeat Customers?

Many businesses devote part of their marketing budget to customer retention. Keeping existing customers happy does a lot to supply a business with a regular income. Instead, just serve a different person every day. Maybe some of them will come back, maybe some won’t. Predictable income is massively overrated. Do you really feel like coming up with all of these incentives to bring people back? Use that money to gamble. Who cares?

4. Organizing Your Financial Information is a Total Pain

Balanced, realistic budgets can only be conceived of if a business is organized. Why do you need to have all these balances? Why do you have to know how spending in one area affects another? Why do you need to make sure you aren’t using money you don’t really have? It’s a nightmare. It’s so much maths. Does anyone really use maths in real life? Probably not. You should just wing it.

5. Interpreting Data is for Losers

Data is crazy. There’s all these graphs, and all these statistics. Nobody else wants to come in and figure that all out for free. That means you’ll have to pay somebody to do it, or even worse, do it yourself. Do you actually know what kind of people shop with you, what they need, what platforms to reach them on, and how much it will cost to generate an excellent balance between marketing costs and return on investment? Of course you don’t! That would be ridiculous! Let’s just forget the whole thing and go get something to eat.

While there’s no shortage of ways to drive your business into the ground, these are all pretty solid. Maintaining this philosophy will create a financial nightmare in no time. Here’s hoping you tank…

Author: Jayne Blake works as a Communications Manager at Prospa, Australia’s largest online business lender. She is interested in new marketing strategies and leadership trends.

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