How to Target Large Clients with Little to No Money

You finally did it. You persevered through beginning your business. You set your sights and now you have a finished product and a few happy customers. But sales aren’t quite what you’d like. How can you expand your business and target large clients on a limited budget?


How to Target a Large Audience with Little to No Money

Getting your name out there isn’t an expensive goal. In fact, the best most efficient ways to promote yourself cost little to no money. Here are some ideas for how can you target large clients and still save money:

1. Know your target audience

Have you noticed a pattern in who your customers are? Paying attention to what kind of people take interest in your product will enable you to decipher your target audience. Ask yourself who your competitors are attracting. Consider the age group, personalities, and lifestyles of these customers.

2. Know where to find them

Once you have an idea of whose most likely to buy from you, you’ll figure out how to reach out to them. Having a business page on trending social media sites is a must for all business owners. Spread the word in the newspaper or relative magazines by aiming for multiple small ads rather than a few large ones. Not only will it save you money, but the more people see your advertisement, the more likely they’ll try it.

3. Offer a discount or free trial

Brainstorm what product sells a lot and won’t hurt your business if you discount it for a limited time. Offering a free trial of a successful product is a good option too. Everyone appreciates saving money and once they’re hooked, they’ll continue to come back regardless of the price.

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4. Sponsor a local event

Being a sponsor for a production people find trustworthy and enjoyable gives you recognition in a positive way. Although you might be opposed to handing over money, you could offer your product as a price of to provide your service. Just be clear on how your business will place value in the event and what you’re willing to put forth.

5. Be good to your loyal customers

The most successful way of gaining a large audience is by word of mouth. When a customer has a great experience with your business, they’ll tell their friends who will tell theirs and so on. By being kind, courteous, and helpful to your buyers, you’re not just finalizing one sale, you’re enabling sales for the future.

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