Search Engine Optimization: It Still Works

Search engine optimization is all about utilizing techniques and strategies that put your online properties in front of your prospects. There’s a lot of competition and noise on the Internet trying to grab your prospect’s attention. Here are some ways to get around that.


Search Engine Optimization: It Still Works

Properly executed search engine optimization techniques would allow you to put a face to your content and trample competitors that are creeping into your niche.

Google Is Focusing on a User-Friendliness and Usability.

Before algorithm changes like Google Panda, many online marketers took advantage of a more lackadaisical online environment where companies and webmasters can jampack their blog with keywords and made a data that were relevant to their field. This used to work with varying levels of success. Modern-day Google is much smarter than that, with the search engine quickly slapping websites way back in the search engine results page if they notice that you are using Blackhat methods to gain a competitive edge. Here is how Google is doing just that with changes to their algorithm:

  • Panda Algorithm Update focused on large scale sites that had thin content. 
  • Query Encryption Updated focused on privacy, privatizing certain keyword inquiries. 
  • Penguin Algorithm Change focused on removing sites that used keyword stuffing to try to compete against competitors.

These updates removed spam and intrusive tactics, with these updates regularly underlining the importance of intuitive web design, and natural long tail keywords, and “white hat” methods of marketing. 

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Using Fluid Web Design To Enhance Reader’s Experience

The competent webmaster and business blog will utilize engaging content, thoughtful linking patterns, and a web design that is intuitive and unobtrusive. Search engines gauge how a website is doing by monitoring how many people click the back button on their browsers. Many customers and readers hitting the back button will notify Google that your website may be full of obtrusive ads, scripts that slow down their browsing, or content that is lacking in engagement. It’s important to use a web design template that is fluid, allowing it to accommodate different screen sizes. Content should be educated, spoken with authority, appointed with personality, and updated regularly.

Search Engine Optimization Still Works

Techniques employed to improve search engine optimization are ever-changing, but they still work. As long as you are focusing on optimizing your readers experience with methodic search engine optimization strategies, then you can reap marketing success.

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