5 Types of Clients You Should Fire Immediately

One of the biggest mistakes that owners of small businesses make, especially when they are first starting out, is believing that any business is good business. As it turns out, there are certain types of clients, that just aren’t worth their weight in ROI. Here are the 5 types of clients you should fire immediately. And, if you don’t fire them, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


5 Types of Clients You Should Fire Immediately

The Narcissist

Believe it or not, this one might be hard to recognize. Not all narcissists are as obvious as The Donald. Narcissists can be quite cunning and seductive, making you believe that they are your best friend, all the while scheming to hurt you. The best way to spot a narcissist is to set a boundary. If he or she flies off into a fit of rage, you are likely dealing with a person who cannot respect your personal needs. Fire this client now!

The Cheapskate

This is the client that wants every service that you offer for way less than you can afford. I’m not talking about the return client that asks for a loyalty discount, I mean the one who wants you to move heaven and Earth for next to nothing. You don’t need this in your life! Move on!

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The Always Late

Your time is valuable. Nothing says disrespect like a client who can’t understand that. Once or twice is understandable, but a client who is consistently late for meetings, or with payments, is not who you want to be dealing with. Make space for better business partners by eliminating these time-wasting individuals.

The Joking Jane

Everyone loves a class clown, but if your client insists on making rude, racist, sexist, or basically any-ist jokes, it’s time to give her the boot. You don’t need to subject yourself to anything that makes you uncomfortable just to make a buck.

The Litigious Larry

So, you have a new client? Great! And, five minutes into your meeting you’ve already heard about his three previous lawsuits filed against three previous companies? Run, do not walk, to your filing cabinet to pull out your termination agreement.

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