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According to a survey sponsored by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), nearly one-third of the respondents’ organizations haven’t used cloud architecture because of worries about data protection and data loss. But as more cloud computing services and apps come into the mainstream, it’s harder to do business without adapting to the cloud.


Entrepreneurs: Make Your Mind Up About the Cloud

That doesn’t mean you need to throw caution to the wind. It’s wise to approach any big decision affecting your data and security with caution. However, many cloud computing fears are largely unfounded or are dated concerns. Here are some common worries about cloud computing and how they impact your business.


Doomsday headlines dominate the media about corporations getting hacked and losing consumer trust and their quarterly revenue along with it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the cloud is unsafe. Depending on your business, you’re likely to get better overall security, the latest data encryption technology and around-the-clock safety checks when using cloud applications. Meanwhile, relying on your own server can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Cloud companies, especially those built with enterprises in mind, are constantly upgrading their security and safety standards and will have your data accessible and ready to go even during a breach or system crash. Meanwhile, your company’s server could go down because of human error, a natural disaster or a malicious hack and you could lose everything. Asking for referrals or checking online reviews is one of the fastest ways to assess how safe a cloud provider is.


Cloud storage and computing were once cutting-edge technologies with skyrocketing price tags to match. Today, working in the cloud is the mainstream norm with costs ranging from free to a few thousand dollars depending on the size of your company. For example, many cloud providers like Dropbox offer a freemium version with robust storage and some features like sharing and collaborating. A premium enterprise version offers advanced security and support with businesses in mind. Many cloud storage providers also cross over into collaboration features.

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Public Access

Just because you can easily onboard anyone into your cloud provider and offer up access doesn’t mean you should. Cloud providers of all sizes provide a customized approach to access. That means you don’t need to hand over the keys to everyone. Instead, you can systematically pick and choose which projects your employees or clients can access in the cloud with something as simple as a generated link.

Cloud providers also simplify the process to revoke access as needed and close off any vulnerabilities, like when an employee quits or is fired. TechRadar recently reported on businesses being incredibly lax about restricting ex-employee access. Unfortunately, that access oversight is often what leads to vulnerabilities and data breaches, not the cloud itself.


Fearing your cloud provider is hiding performance problems is a common fear among consumers and executives alike. And because you’re not typically working with your provider in person, it’s difficult to hand over complete trust without really knowing who is working behind the scenes. Asking industry peers for a recommendation is one way to set your mind at ease.

But you can also take control of the situation by asking your cloud provider about their hiring practices, who is working on your account and how they handle client issues. The more you ask for information and stay firm on your quest for answers, the more likely you are to find a company that respects your business and earns your trust.

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