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When you are new to business, you need to build a network of prospects. Without that network, you’ll have no sales, or a lot less than you could. This post includes 5 tips to help you get in front of business owners. Because once they get to know you, they’ll begin referring you and your business, and everything will naturally fall into place.


What to Avoid If You Want to Succeed Through Networking

Fortunately, some groups or networks provide tips on you can succeed through networking.

But if you think you don’t have time to take the proven steps outlined in this post that will help you succeed through networking, you may be setting yourself up to fail.

Here are the things you must avoid:

  • Ignoring interpersonal discussion. People who do this leave piles of print collateral everywhere and hope people will get their message. (Have you ever seen a network marketing business card on a urinal? <g>) Literature may important, but talking with, and being interested in other peoples business goals is golden.
  • Expecting a deal, right off the bat. Though you may have just enlightened the group with a wonderful elevator pitch, if you forget that the fortune is in the follow up, prospects won’t come running to you. Building relationships that result in business takes time.
  • Strutting your stuff. Rookie networkers fluff their accomplishments with embellishments, dropping names and expecting other business professionals to be impressed right off the bat. Instead, show some humility and trust that if you show interest in their business, they will show interest in yours.
  • Being overly aggressive. Rookie networkers interrupt and talk over people. They don’t have time to listen to others. Men and women both hate this tactic. Instead, try asking “What might I hear that would trigger me to know a prospect would be a good referral for your business?”
  • Assuming that social media networking is all you need. You can tweet industry influencers all any time, but if you don’t bother building relationships in person, even though you’ve completed a profile for every major social media platform, you’re never going to hit pay dirt.

Now you have the golden keys to succeed through networking. Just avoid using these rookie networking failures: 1) avoiding people, 2) unrealistic expectations, 3) showing off, 4) rudeness, and 5) networking exclusively through social media.


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