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At one time or another we’ve all made some (or all) of these “seo sins.” Here are the remedies for the most common mistakes made:


3 SEO Sins and Their Remedies

1. ”Keyword Stuffing”, or “Keyword Pumping”:

You’ve all seen them, the ones where the keyword they’re hoping will be searched on is everywhere, to the point where the text is unreadable, so you go back to the search results and look for another site that’s not so blatant. Google’s algorithms are wise to it, and that site won’t show up in their searches for long.

Remedy: Avoiding “keyword density,” as Jon Morrow calls it, is as simple, and as complex, as writing good content. You should make sure your headline reflects your search terms, as it will keep your readers from bouncing back to search to find a better fit, and you can make sure the user’s experience after the headline is worth the visit by posting up “unique content.”

2. Exact Match Keyword Rich Anchor Text Links:

Using one is OK, using a lot will get you a sternly worded letter from Google, if not immediately kicked to the curb. Per Julia McCoy, of ExpressWriters, using the exact match wording once is OK, but using it over and over again in the exact wording, and linked to different pages, not so much.

Remedy: “Write naturally.” Use full sentences, link words that make sense to pages that make sense, don’t use more than three. And finally, “A great thing to add to your link strategy is to make sure you incorporate a few great resource links to balance out your commercial links.”

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3. Plagiarism:

There are a lot of different words for it, but plagiarizing yourself for a different site is still plagiarism–and duplicating copy without attribution is still plagiarism. And doing this across four or five nearly identical sites will still get you a nastygram from Google, if not deindexed without warning.

Remedy: Write good content, unique content, content that matters to those who select your link when it comes up in a search.

SEO has changed as the engines have changed, and changing with it is what we do. It’s not all about content, but good content does get rewarded in today’s environment.

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