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In years past, we all relied on the yellow pages, or on word of mouth to grow our businesses. These days, people type in a search phrase, and if your business shows up on any page other than page 1 of Google, Bing or Yahoo, you can forget it! For better search engine rankings, blogging tops the list to help your business get found on the web.


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With an infinite amount of choices, how do you help your business get found on this global platform called the world-wide-web? This is where blogging and the four “E’s” come into play. Educate, Entertain, Engage, and Enrich:


  • Before you start Blogging, a little research is in order.  You need to determine who your target market will be.  This will need to be clear within the content you post on your blog.
  • Be relevant – if your target market are new college graduates looking to promote their skills, you don’t want articles that talk about estate planning and retirement accounts.
  • Relate to your audience – write like you are having a conversation. Making it personal by using ‘I” and “you” can be a bit scary for some people, however, this helps to close the gap between the blogger and the reader by reducing the formality.


  • Start with a funny quote, anecdote, or even a question.  The person reading will find this more real and be more inclined to read further.
  • Adding a video that relates to the overall content will help corroborate the message.
  • Be different with the same boring material – you can find much of the same information on a single topic, so how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else?  Add a personal story or find a different way to represent your topic.
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When someone lands on your site, you have on average, 2.6 seconds to  grab their attention.   This is a great opportunity to show a funny graphic,  tell a funny story or even ask a question.


Enrich is a verb that means improve or enhance the quality or value of.  Ask yourself this question, “does the content in my article improve, enhance or provide value to my reader?”  Be consistent in your message. Make key points tweetable.  Make it easy for your audience to participate.

By following the 4 “E’s” of blogging, you can be sure that you will have an ever increasing audience and in no time you will be easily found.

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