Does Your Business Really Need A Website?

You’ve probably been told that having a website is essential to growing your business. Does your business really need a website, or is it still possible for your company to flourish without one?


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The answer to that question depends on a number of factors. Here are some things you should think about in order to help you decide.

Reasons You Should Have a Website

Even though your business may be relatively small, there are still plenty of good reasons to consider having a website, a few of these are:

  • By and large, the Internet has replaced phone books as the primary resource for business information.
  • If prospects and customers can’t find you on the Internet, they won’t likely know your company exists.
  • Your competitors most likely have websites. If you don’t, consumers will be contacting them instead of you.
  • Reviewing your website is something most consumers will do before choosing between you and your competition.
  • The Internet is often the first place people turn to when looking for contact information.
  • Having a website ensures consumers are able to find your company quickly and easily.
  • The Internet is always awake, making your business visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reasons Why You Might Decide NOT to Have a Website

While the above points are clearly positive benefits, you may NOT need a website if:

  • You already have more business than you can handle. (Should business activity inevitably drop off, however, a website is a good way to help prevent a business slow-down.)
  • Your website is shoddy or unprofessional. It’s obviously better not to have a website than to have a shoddy one that doesn’t appropriately represent your company in the marketplace.
  • Your page is messy, has broken links, or poorly written content. If this is the case, people will question the quality of work you perform, and are more likely to take their business elsewhere anyway.

Should you decide that you need a website for your business, we would be happy to help you create one that not only will reflect your brand and help draw new customers in, but will also resize automatically to fit smartphones and tablet devices. To find out more about our website starter package, please contact us for an estimate.

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  • By Dr Mahesh C. Jain 17 Oct 2014

    The subject matter is well chosen but has been handled without giving a compelling reason for a business to have a web site. It lacks punch.

    • By Will Sherwood 17 Oct 2014

      Hello Dr. Jain – Just curious… What would you consider a compelling reason for a business to have a web site?

  • By TK 18 Oct 2014

    This article is lame.

  • By Thomas BORDES 20 Oct 2014

    One other reason to have a website: in a world where things can go viral, may they be true or not, your website hosts your official statements/content. You probably want to keep a safe place on the wild web where you tell a story, the way you think it should be told. It doesn’t prevent you from deploying your digital strategy, though, and reach out to your customers where they already are.

  • By Fred 20 Oct 2014

    I think so. Every business need a website (or a web presence like Facebook instead).

    It’s like saying your company doesn’t need a telephone number. Ok, you can live without it, but makes no sense. You gotta have every contact channel your customer want to use.

    Everyone looks on Google before making deal with any company.

  • By John Mathew 20 Oct 2014

    A website is for showcasing your Products / Services, so much easier for existing and prospective customers to just log on to your website and receive updated information. The flip side, unless your website is updated and user friendly then it is just a waste. Today a website is just like a business card and a win win situation for all concerned. A web site is a perfect marketing tool, and like any tool will produce result only if it is maintained and used in innovative ways, here comes the need of a honest professional advise!

  • By Geoff Bretches 21 Oct 2014

    Yes, every business has to have a website or else you look like you are still using a typewriter, rotary phone, and riding a dinosaur in wooden underwear! Question now is, does every business need a Twitter account.

  • By Geoff Bretches 21 Oct 2014

    BTW, not very professional comment by TK.

  • By Andrew Christie 21 Oct 2014

    Experience shows the importance of having a web strategy. A website is homebase for your business, it’s where your business tells your story. A coherent strategy that brings in different aspects of Web Marketing is key to any business.

  • By JW Andrassy 21 Oct 2014

    In the near future almost every business will have a site , as it goes the public wants to know who and what you represent long before they call you.

    I had preached this 18 years ago and some listened some did not , the main point who will build your website not if , be sure you make a solid decision speak to them , get to know them and like a good surgeon experience over price.

    I have recently run into many firms in India that wish to outsource the projects being sent to them from here , back to my firm , so you never really know who is creating your web presence and who is behind it , The land Of Oz so to speak .

  • By David H 21 Oct 2014

    I think most businesses do need a website, and I’d cite the reasons in the linked article, including (a) customers being skeptical of a website-less company and (b) your competitors probably have a website. However, if you are a small local business, like a corner grocer or liquor store, I don’t think you need a website, especially if it would be poorly put together.

  • By Tom Markham 21 Oct 2014

    I can’t think of ANY business that can’t benefit from having at least a capture page on the web.
    Businesses without one fall into my “not ready for primetime” category.

  • By Anthony Mikiciuk Jr 29 Oct 2014

    The sole purpose of having a website doesn’t have to be marketing a brand to gain new customers. It can also serve as an information resource for current customers. e.g. providing digital downloads to frequently requested documents rather than sending them by mail.

  • By John Mathew 29 Oct 2014

    You must have heard the phrase ‘Groping in the dark’, Thats what a product or service would be doing without a good website. Only thing is that there is no point in only investing money in a website, you must spend time on it constantly improvising for best results as also have a reliable SEO Program for your website. Remember today entrepreneur is global and your product or service need not be localised.

  • By Niel Wolfaardt 29 Oct 2014

    Although I never like or follow a company or brand (I just don’t want to necessarily associate that closely), it is also true that I would frown upon organizations without a social media presence as this makes them vulnerable and open to the public opinion which is a very good thing. I also absolutely refuse to wear any branded clothes – I have reserved, or no interest in companies like Jeep or Nike or whatever. Why must I pay a premium to advertise them? They must pay me – I then might not even consider. Unfortunately, so many people need some or other endorsement of their self-image.

  • By harsh sinha 29 Oct 2014

    I don’t think every business needs a website. It just depends on the reach of the product/ company/ brand.

    If it is hyperlocal it does not ; but yes if it is in the category of “specialty product / service ” it does…

  • By Elaine Slatter 30 Oct 2014

    A website gives a business credibility. It showcases their business and services and allows them to communicate valuable information to their potential customers. A website is the Company’s on-line brochure. It should be functional to the user, on all devices, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Most companies forget the purpose of their website, the main criteria is to HELP customers and potential customers. So get rid of all those annoying floating messages asking you to sign up for something. Business people are smart enough to find out where to go for the information as long as the site is well organized. Remember if you are not helpful, your potential customers will click the “X” button, never to return.

  • By Liz Truong 11 Nov 2014

    Having a website is a great way to provide proof using case studies and testimonials. In my opinion, you don’t have a website, you begin to undermine your own credibility. It’s especially worse if your business doesn’t exist online at all.

    However, if your website is not user friendly and doesn’t convey the value of your products and services, you’re likely to lose the customer to a competitor.

    Here are 4 ways you can instantly improve your homepage to make it more user friendly:

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