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You are trying to make a great impression at your company. You work hard and are a valued member of your team. So, why haven’t you landed that promotion yet? The answer could be singing from your pocket.


Why smart people never bring smartphones into meetings

Here are five reason why smart people never bring smartphones into meetings:


There you are in the middle of an important power point presentation full of vital clues that will destroy the roadblock in your current project. Just as the key to the solution comes up the room is taken over by a tinny rendition of today’t top pop song. Not only does it drown out the answer, it severs your connection to the path leading up to the solution. Instead of leaving the meeting confident in your ability to tackle your project, you will now only remember that one of your teammates killed your idea before it could even fully form just by leaving their cell phone on. Interruptions like these undermine team building and hamper productivity. By leaving your phone in your desk, you remove all chance of your phone interfering with your next meetings message.

Focus Completely on the Meeting

It’s tempting to check your e-mail one last time, or text a quick message while everyone is getting settled. Then maybe add a quick reply or update your calendar with new information. It will only take a minute after all. If the meeting is slow, you might even tap out a fast response while your presenter’s back is turned. Meanwhile, those around you can tell that your mind is elsewhere. Your lack of attention creates an impression that you are not taking the meeting seriously. By leaving your smartphone out of the meeting room, you will be better able to focus on the meeting at hand. Giving all of your attention to those around you lets them know that you see them as important. This creates a stronger team. You are also much more likely to catch all of the points presented during the meeting if you are not distracted by unrelated material from last minute e-mail.

Shows Proper Preparation

You may be used to relying on your smartphone for on the spot research or accessing files for a quick response to questions. While this may be handy, it also may be destroying the image of being well prepared that you want to project. If you must constantly check your phone to find the answers you need, it is a good sign that you are not ready for the questions. Interacting with the group while maintaining eye contact shows that you know your material.

Confidence Smartphones

have become a habit of comfort. While they are an incredibly useful tool, there is also a soothing affect that comes from knowing your phone is securely nestled in your pocket.  Knowing that you are not dependent on a handheld device in order to give your best to the information at hand can make you feel more confident. Confidence in yourself attracts confidence from others which can lead to very positive work relationships.

Better Brain Storming

Using your favorite search engine as an idea generator might be a quick solution to the brainstorming problem, but all you will get is other people’s ideas. By removing the option to use your smartphone and forcing yourself to come up with your own ideas, you are much more likely to find novel solutions to the specific problems your company may be facing.

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