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Landing pages are designed to bring in traffic through the use of a keyword, but companies mess them up every day. They use uninteresting headlines, unclear proposals to action, and trivial writing and presentation, outlines ConversionXL. As a result, they destroy their website bounce rate.


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Website bounce rate is the rate of visitors who come to the page and leave without viewing other pages. In Google Analytics, this could mean a visitor who closed the browser, directly typed in another URL or even stayed on the page for an extensive period of time only to leave at one page visit, explains More Visibility.

For many businesses, lowering the bounce rate is essential in getting people through the website and perhaps even to a sale or a phone call for a service. There are practical, logical and potentially groundbreaking strategies to deploy to improve landing page success. The below strategies will outline things to consider.

The Brand Narrative

Storytelling exists in the mind and establishes a deeper connection than just displaying something. AdWeek sets up the interesting idea that companies are evaluated by their values, emotions and their storyline narrative. Individuals who are bought in to the story will integrate with a brand on a deeper level, making clicks to the “about” page, contact page or deeper into the content or shop more viable and likely.

Internal Social Media Integration recommends not interrupting a user experience. This could include interrupting the read-through of content (with a pop up ad that blocks out the rest of the screen) or taking visitors to a splash page that has nothing to offer beyond a certain keyword recycled on the screen. This also applies to social media. Social media links should not persuade a user to leave to the site for the social media page. Keep everything internal with a simple button or embedded Facebook commenting section. This is superior to social media plugins or general widgets that force an individual to leave.

On a side note, every external link clicked on should open in a new tab and not bring the individual to a whole new place, details Guiding Tech. This keeps individuals engaged with the main page (your website) and lowers the bounce rate.

Mobile Friendliness

The largest trend moving forward for web brands is mobile, as proven by Google’s insight that each mobile search triggers an average of two follow up actions. This could include a visitor clicking the shop and scrolling through two items, or clicking the shop and the online cart.

Store, Maintain and Understand

Information can be properly collected on business cloud services, such as LiveDrive, ZipCloud, SOS and Mozy, to name a few. These resources tend to supersede traditional Google Analytics because they offer data security, detailed oriented data points and easily organized web design implementations.

You can easily implement new features to a site to assist in the bounce rate, such as speed performance increases, intuitive navigation and removal of lazy loading (which blocks below content from loading until it is scrolled to or requested). This is outlined at Search Engine Watch.

It is important to store data properly through clouds, maintain it and understand what you are reading. You can study the demographics of visitors who spend time in certain areas of the site so you can focus your content delivery in those areas to reduce bounce rates.

Author: Patrick Wade is a marketing associate from California. His loves to go on road trips and read about the marketing world

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