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It’s important that you keep your LinkedIn profile updated. This includes both your company and personal pages. Keeping them up-to-date gives visitors the most accurate information and can help lure LinkedIn users to your pages.



Here are the eight reasons why you need to update your LinkedIn profile today:

1. Google:

LinkedIn has serious pull with Google. Being on LinkedIn means you will show up at the top of Google search results. And anyone looking for your personal or company profile will often find it listed either in the first or second spot. This is important since ninety-four percent of users click on the first page of search results. Of all clicks, half of the first-page users click on one of the first two links listed on Google search results.

2. Members:

The number of professionals signed up for a LinkedIn profile is 225 million and counting. Businesses and employees would be crazy to pass up the extra eyes looking for information.

3. Research:

LinkedIn offers insight into both individuals and companies. People will use your LinkedIn profile to find out about you and your company, and you have control over what they find out. While viewing your page, consider how it is seen on the web and decide what you want to include. If people want to know more they can always register.

4. Resources:

Networking is a huge part of business development and LinkedIn offers a platform for all of these: to interact, recommend people, share expertise, join like-minded people in groups, form strategic alliances, and make networking connections. The resources on LinkedIn are nearly on par with meeting someone in person.

5. Jobs:

Employees looking for jobs and employers looking for the right candidate can use LinkedIn to make a match. A complete profile filled with keywords can bring employers to your page. In return employers might like what they see and may contact you for a face to face interview. In either case, you’ll be one step closer to your dream job.

6. Relevance:

Stay relevant by following influencers, following groups, “liking” comments, writing posts, and being active in groups. This will not just keep your profile in everyone’s minds but it helps you to remain connected with the network.

7. Contacts:

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s contact page. This is a place where you can get organized. Use tags to categorize and manage contacts based on what you know about them or how you met them. In a way this replaces email, since email addresses are often lost when people change email addresses or drop their current ones due to excessive spam as I recently did. LinkedIn’s version of contacts keeps you connected with people no matter where they are.


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