A New Wile E. Coyote Roadrunner Cartoon

Here’s an honest to goodness, new Wile E. Coyote Roadrunner Cartoon made with today’s computer animation technology (but retaining all of the old humor that we’ve grown to love).


This is the first Roadrunner cartoon done with computer graphics. As many of you know, lots can be done with computer graphics and far less expensively than with those old hand style drawn animations.

In this cartoon, the computer graphics are excellent, and the video still has all the original Roadrunner fun, and it’s 3 minutes of laugh-out-loud fun! Be sure to go to “full screen” mode. Enjoy!!


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  • By jay swartzfeger 15 Feb 2013

    Something’s wrong with anybody who doesn’t love this! The coyote is one of the few characters I know who’s totally goal-oriented, against all odds!

  • By Tarun 27 Aug 2017

    Coyote is one of finest pieces of computer animation character. Even in old school cartoons, the charm and innocence is still unbeatbale. One of my fav’s. Loved it.

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