8 Surefire Ways to Kill Your Business

Do you love a good success story? We do too, but we also love using sarcasm to make a serious point. So, without further ado, please enjoy these 8 surefire ways to kill your business.


8 Surefire Ways to Kill Your Business

1. Wear rose-colored glasses. There’s a certain way the world should work, so demand that it works that way, and disregard anyone or anything that does not abide by your rules. Ignore criticism, because your critics don’t understand the way the world works either. Trust everyone at their word. No one is untrustworthy behind rose-colored glasses.

2. Slow down and take as much time as you need to make decisions. Be courteous to a fault, and offer second- and third-chances to your suppliers. Nice guys finish last, but at least they finish, right?

3. Do not accept a middle ground between business success and personal fulfillment – never the twain shall meet. Either work yourself into an early grave as a rich man, or as an enlightened business failure.

4. Don’t worry about financial management or accounting. You can pay professionals to take care of your books. They’ll tell you if there’s a problem with cash flow. Or better yet…

5. Be a lone wolf. It’s your business, therefore, you can do it all. Be the accountant, the lawyer, and the salesman. The business can’t really be worth it if you can’t take credit for everything, right?

6. The customer is always right. Yes, they are. Especially the ones who don’t understand what you’re selling. They’re the ones you need to focus all of your attention on.

7. Share your competitive advantage. This can be easily accomplished by avoiding non-disclosure agreements and bragging on social media.

8. Develop a mission statement, then disregard it. In fact, forget every reason you ever had to go into business in the first place. Or, forget about missions and goals altogether, and fly by the seat of your pants. You’ll be able to eliminate your planning department.

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